9 Stylish Winter Hats That Are Way Better Than Beanies


December always feels like the lull before the freezing January storm. But with the Christmastime gorge, it's easy to forget the practical essentials. Like hats, for instance. You feel like you have plenty but when you really need one, you realise the only style that's available is one your nan bought years ago. Before the inevitable panic sets in, here's a selection of non-boring winter hats to purchase.

In the hat world, "boring" can mean a number of things. Beanies are reliable but slightly boring; the same goes for any hat style that revolves around a plain knit. Luckily, the high street has plenty of jazzier options for you to try.

From fedoras and cossacks to berets and bucket hats, seasonal styles have merged. What was once only worn in the summer is now winter-appropriate thanks to fluffy textures and cosy padding. Fans of prints and patterns will rejoice for, along with bold hues, there's plenty of retro detailing to show off. Simpler styles are, of course, available to pair with louder outfits.

Plus, there's something for all budgets, whether you want to spend less than a tenner or have a little more cash to splurge. It's time for some proper head-warming.