Corinne's Nanny Now Has Her Own GoFundMe

by Nicole Pomarico
Rick Rowell/ABC

There are a lot of things I'm still trying to figure out about Corinne on The Bachelor, but number one on that list is how someone, at the age of 24, still has a nanny. On Monday night's episode, this season's villain finally broke the news to her fellow contestants that she has a nanny named Raquel who makes the world's best cheese pasta, causing all hell to break loose — and not just among the ladies who were part of the conversation. As you can probably expect, the Bachelor-loving internet had a field day with this one, and now, one fan is raising money in her name. Someone made a GoFundMe for Corinne's nanny, and I have so many mixed feelings about it.

The GoFundMe — which was started by a fan named Mark Chandley — is aiming to collect $100,000 to help Raquel escape her life as Corinne's right hand woman. So far, after being live for three days, only $125 of that goal has been reached, but I have a feeling that once it gains more traction, that will all change. And now that Corinne has found out about it, she seems pretty upset, according to her Instagram rant about it.

She wrote in her caption:

This is not a joke anymore someone took this way too far and is trying to make money for themselves... Raquel is not a slave and my family and I treat her like part of the family. Leave it alone already it's getting old. Grow up.

I thought this was a harmless and pretty hilarious exercise in Bachelor snark, which is my favorite attitude to take toward this show. But as soon as I found out Corinne was unhappy about it, that's when it became clear that it was crossing a line. Raquel is a real person who probably wants to keep her job, and being that it sounds like she's a truly important part of Corinne's life and is very loved, it's probably safe to say that she doesn't need a fundraiser to escape her nanny duties. If she wanted to leave, she could probably just quit — like any other job.

Even so, Corinne has chosen to bring up the fact that she does have a nanny, not just by including Raquel in her Bachelor intro but also by bringing her up in conversation on the show. It's hard to get around the fact that it's a little ridiculous to have a nanny after, let's say, your middle school graduation, so Corinne has to understand that by having Raquel around and speaking openly about her, there's going to be at least some backlash — especially where a show like The Bachelor is concerned.

I feel bad that Corinne feels bad, and even worse that it could negatively affect Raquel or hurt her feelings, since it's not like she asked for this. Maybe Corinne should start calling her a personal assistant instead of a nanny — or, better yet, start cutting up her own cucumbers — and avoid situations like these entirely in the future.