Corinne's Nanny Is 'The Bachelor's Breakout Star

Rick Rowell/ABC

Everyone on The Bachelor needs a way to stand out, and in the case of Corinne Olympios, her gimmick is that she runs a multi-million dollar company (it appears to be her family business) at just 24 years old. Oh, and that, as revealed in the season premiere of The Bachelor, Corinne still has a nanny — again, she is 24 years old. People have plenty of opinions about all of this and they want more information about the woman herself, Corinne's nanny, Raquel.

Remember what I said about people having a lot of opinions about Corinne still needing a nanny? Well, I’m one of those people. In her Bachelor introduction, Corinne was shown sitting on her family apartment’s high-rise balcony asking if Raquel could get her a snack — a bowl of sliced cucumbers, to be exact. Girlfriend, you are old enough to vote, drive, smoke, drink, and nearly rent a car, can you please cut your vegetables up yourself?

Even though Corinne doesn’t slice up her own snacks and said in her Bachelor interview that she would take Raquel with her wherever she went (even if she ends up with Nick), I hope that she can at least do her own laundry and maybe, I don’t know, make her bed in the morning? Self-sufficiency is a virtue!

That all being said, I’m not going to hate on Raquel. She has clearly been working for Corinne and her family for a long time, and during that time, I’m sure that she and Corinne have forged a close relationship. In fact, on Jan. 4, Corinne said in a tweet on Jan. 4 that has since been deleted, "everyone needs to relax about the nanny thing. Raquel is part of my family so calling her a house keeper or Cleaning lady is disrespectful." I did some digging to see if I could find out anything else about Raquel, but Corinne’s social media makes no other mention of her, and her last name has never been released.

Raquel and Corinne are close, so perhaps Corinne is trying to protect Raquel's privacy by not putting her on social media. Some people have nannies, and some people don’t, but I wonder if this information is going to hurt Corinne's chances of winning Nick’s heart later on. Since he has been on The Bachelor franchise a few times, I think we have a good idea of what kind of women he tends to be drawn to.

First, Nick fell in love with Andi Dorfman, an assistant district attorney from Atlanta. Then, he crashed The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe, a strong-willed, strong-mouthed (I love her) former dancer. After being rejected twice on The Bachelorette, Nick went to Bachelor in Paradise and hooked up with Jen Saviano, who is an entrepreneur and runs her own blog.

What do these women all have in common? They’re all do-it-yourself-ers. That’s not to say that Corinne isn’t smart or capable or successful, but I wonder if Nick will be turned off at the fact that she depends upon Raquel to do things as simple as fixing a snack. The nanny subject hasn’t come up yet with Nick on The Bachelor, so we’ll have to see what his reaction is in real time.