People Discovered A Creepy Figure Lurking In This Bachelorette Photo & It Will HORRIFY You

Nothing like a deeply unsettling ghost story to start your week off good and spooked, right? Right. These bachelorettes had a supernatural guest at their party — and now everyone is freaked out.

According to the group, whose photos from this past summer have recently been making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit, they headed to a quaint spot in the Scottish countryside for a "hen do" — the British version of a bachelorette party. As is true with their American counterparts, though they have a reputation as a drunken, debaucherous revelry, hen do parties can take on a slew of forms. Some go to strip clubs, some go to a local pub, and some head to the great outdoors. Whatever you wanna do to celebrate an impending nuptial.

While celebrating on an isolated estate, the women set a self-timer and took a burst of photos. In the first photo, they are bunched together in two rows amid a series of tree stumps, grinning in front of a stunning backdrop. Purple mountains, clear sky, a glassy lake — the definition of picturesque.

In the second image, taken moments later, they're throwing their hands up, holding cut-outs of the faces of Harry Potter characters — and their group of ten is suddenly eleven. In the bottom lefthand corner, perched behind a stump, is a little boy with black hair, head cocked, peering directly at the camera.

The women were immediately freaked out. They swore they were alone during their photo shoot (hence the self-timer), and the area is noticeably secluded. When they Googled their location — Loch Eck in Argyll, an ancient Western area of the Scottish Highlands — the women discovered a fairly well-known supernatural, uh, myth? Legend? Truth? Associated with the nearby Coylet Inn, originally built around 1650.

According to the ~story~, a little boy was staying with his family in Room Four at the Inn. One night, he sleepwalked into Loch Eck and drowned. When his body was found, it had turned blue from the cold. The Coylet Inn is now said to be haunted by "The Blue Boy's" spirit, which wanders the hotel, looking for his mother. According to a 1994 piece published in The Herald, staff report plates and cutlery moving around and disappearing, and wet footprints appearing mysteriously outside Room Four.

The story is popular enough to have been made into a 1994 BBC series, aptly titled "The Blue Boy" and starring Emma Thompson. Written and directed by Paul Murton, the story centers around an unhappily married couple on holiday at Coylet Inn. Thompson, who plays the wife of the couple, becomes increasingly obsessed with the legend of the ghost. Murton himself stumbled upon the story following his own supernatural brush with the boy. While working on his film school graduation film, "Tin Fish," in the late 1980s, Murton was reviewing tape shot outside the Coylet Inn when he noticed a strange blue fog clouding much of the footage. Neither Murton nor the cameraman could conjure an explanation, and they had no memory of seeing the fog while actually shooting. Days later, Murton mentioned the fog to the Coylet Inn hotelier. The hotelier then launched into the legend of The Blue Boy, listing the supernatural symptoms that sometimes plagued his hotel and his staff — like footprints, and things moving about. Murton was understandably freaked out, but also tantalized, using the legend, along with a small statue found at the base of the lake memorializing another drowning death of a young boy, as the basis for his film.

When the hen do partiers realized the potential veracity of The Blue Boy — relatively speaking, anyway — they immediately called off the hen do and fled the estate. Coylet Inn has a four star rating on Trip Advisor, though its status is listed as "Currently closed."