This Vlogger Used A Bottle Cap As A Makeup Tool

Beauty vloggers and Internet makeup artists really set the bar high when it comes to creativity and, uh, transforming basic household items into makeup tools. Like the vlogger who used a condom to apply foundation. Or the Brazilian beauty vlogger who used a plastic bottle cap to apply eye makeup.

Who knew that soft drink packaging could be utilized as a clever makeup hack? This is easily my fave new beauty hack of 2017.

Vlogger Juliana Leme showed off this insanely unique way to get a rounded crease when applying eyeshadow. She placed a bottle cap over her closed eye and applied shadow around it for a halo effect. It was, in a word, brilliant, since this hack allowed her to create depth and dimension for her smoky-eyed look.

So if you plan to toss back a beverage anytime soon, before you recycle the bottle and its cap, why not repurpose it for a hot minute as a makeup tool? As someone who does smoky eyes regularly, I can attest that it does take some practice to buff the shades evenly on both sides and this hack should help.

That's because pressing a plastic bottle cap over your eye provides a guide to follow.

Leme posted the cute and fun makeup tutorial on Instagram. If you plan to incorporate bottle caps into your makeup routine, make sure they are plastic, as opposed to metal, and clean; rinse and dry them thoroughly before usage.

Seriously, what an amazing idea. I'm not worthy!

Plastic bottle caps are green makeup tools, too. Use them in multiple ways, multiple times before recycling them.

The circular cap allows you to control color placement and create a perfect shape. Yes, yes and YES!

Look at how well-rounded the shadow above her crease is! The bottle cap hack certainly did the trick.

Images: Juliana Leme/Instagram (5)