Kaley Cuoco Thanked The 'Big Bang Theory' Fan Who Helped Find Her Wallet In A Sweet Instagram

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco left her wallet at a restaurant — but luckily, there was a well-meaning fan around to make sure it got back to its proper owner. A Big Bang Theory fan helped Kaley Cuoco find her lost wallet, and she shared the details of what happened in her Instagram Story on Wednesday.

"A really sweet thing happened to me a few days ago, and I had to share. I left my wallet at a Sharky's in Calabasas," Cuoco said in her Story. "And that was in the early afternoon. I didn't realize till the evening. I became hysterical and didn't know where it was. I traced my steps and was like, 'Oh my God, I left it there, it's gone. It's gone.' I was crying, I was so upset. So I called Sharky's, and someone had turned it in."

That's not even the best part, though. Apparently, the person who found the wallet recognized Cuoco's name. They decided to leave the wallet with restaurant management under her Big Bang Theory character's name, too.

"Someone picked it up, saw it was me, wrote 'Penny' on the front on a piece of paper, gave it to the manager, and left it there," Cuoco said in the story. "I wish I could have met you, I would have given you all the cash in my wallet, whatever was in there. I really would've given you anything. I was so grateful there was someone so sweet on this earth."

Losing your wallet can be a nuisance, to say the least. But it's even more concerning for celebrities, since their privacy and even safety could be compromised if, say, an ID was included in the lost items. Thankfully, though, the person who found Cuoco's wallet did the right thing and made sure it stayed in safe hands.

"I will never forget that, because that could have been a very bad day for me," Cuoco said in the Instagram Story. "There is good in the world." The actor also thanked the restaurant's management for their kindness during the stressful situation.

Cuoco's Instagram grid post from Wednesday, meanwhile, is just as heartwarming, but for different reasons. The actor shared a picture of the Big Bang Theory cast celebrating their 276th episode, which cemented the CBS show as "the longest-running multi-cam show in history," according to her caption. Cuoco noted that the previous record holder was Cheers. She captioned the post,

"@bigbangtheory_cbs is officially the longest running multi cam show in history surpassing the great show Cheers. 😭 blessed, humbled, amazed, grateful. Thank you to everyone who has supported us the last 12 years. 💥 THANK YOU!"

The saga surrounding Cuoco's lost wallet and its recovery is an uplifting story amid what seems to be a never-ending, negative news cycle. Sometimes, people really do kind things out of the goodness of their hearts, without expecting anything in return. It's clear that the actor is super appreciative of the person who helped her get her stuff back — even if it wasn't a huge act on their part, it meant a lot to her.