This Woman Is Terrified Of Spiders — So She Ordered Delivery & Asked The Driver To Kill It

Михаил Ломов/Fotolia

If you don't like killing bugs, what do you do when you spot one? You could try to trap it yourself, but if you're actually terrified of insects, that's not an appealing option. A British woman ordered delivery so the driver could get rid of a spider, BuzzFeed reports, which is kind of a genius way to deal with a fear. The 22-year-old ordered food from Deliveroo, a British food delivery company, and if the delivery driver would kill the spider for her, and the driver agreed to her plan. Killing bugs in homes is definitely not part of his job description, but you have to admire the dedication to customer service.

According to BuzzFeed, student Demi Sweeney saw a spider in her home and didn't know what to do — her roommates weren't home, and she's afraid of spiders. Other people in Sweeney's situation have resorted to calling 911 — in April, a Michigan resident was reprimanded by police after asking emergency services to send officers to kill an insect, which, for the record, one should not do. Sweeney didn't go this route, even though we can only imagine her terror. Instead, she brainstormed a solution that's pretty genius. She ordered lunch and asked Deliveroo if the delivery driver would kill the spider for her.

Deliveroo should win a customer service award for their response. They told Sweeney they couldn't make any promises, but she could request spider killing in the delivery notes section of her order. So she placed an order — with food from KFC, BuzzFeed notes — and hoped for the best.

Thankfully, Deliveroo employee Joe was up for the task. Sweeney tells BuzzFeed he told her he was also afraid of spiders, but she convinced him to take one for the team and help her out. After he chased down the spider and accidentally dropped it, he caught it and flushed it down the toilet for Sweeney. She says he's "a real-life hero," and Deliveroo says they'll reward him for his spider-killing efforts, which Joe clearly deserves — how many of us would kill a stranger's spider?

Sweeney also says in the BuzzFeed interview that she was afraid to use the bathroom for the rest of the day, which may seem like a bit much — but according to Smithsonian, spiders take up to an hour to drown, which seems like a cruel way to go. You also risk a spider climbing back up and being strengthened with its rage after surviving an attempted murder (unlikely, but scary to think about). More likely than not, it may just take several attempts to catch and then defeat the spider, and then be in the clear.

But if you're having trouble killing spiders, it may be for the best. Experts argue that spiders should actually be kept alive — there's a low chance that a spider in your home is venomous, and The Guardian says house spiders can help eat mosquitoes and other pests. The Guardian's arachnid expert even warns to "only kill all the spiders if you like living with cockroaches and flies." Still, it's hard to imagine spotting a spider and moving on with your life, even if they're supposedly eight-legged friends. If you have a legitimate spider phobia, the thought of a spider in your home is probably unbearable. If you're afraid of the insects like Sweeney is, you could always try to convince a delivery person to help you out. I doubt that delivery services want to pivot to pest control, but if you're desperate for help, it worked for this woman.