A ColourPop Concealer Is Coming Your Way Soon

ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram

On Thursday, ColourPop Cosmetics took to their Instagram account to tease a new mystery product, leaving no hints for fans, except for a video of it being made. A day later, the L.A.-based brand decided to reveal the big news, and boy, are fans of ColourPop freaking out on social media. So, what's the big news? A ColourPop Concealer is in the works, ladies and gentleman, according to an Instagram photo that was posted on Friday evening. The caption? No Filter Concealer. Boom. Are your faces ready? Are your dark circles crying with joy? Only time will tell if the product will get the job done, but if ColourPop's previous products are any indication, this concealer is going to be dope.

This is ColourPop's first venture into face makeup, as far as foundation and concealers go. While they've mastered eyeshadows of every shade, lippies of all formulas, and highlighters that'll make you shine bright like a diamond, ColourPop has been known more as a color cosmetic company, until now.

When the brand posted the video of a thick liquid being mixed on Thursday, followers made a bunch of guesses, from a foundation to a clay mask. While many did not think a concealer was going to be the big mystery product, it seems ColourPop fans are beyond excited with the reveal.

"Omg yes!!" @brookecourtneylynn left in the comment section, while @itsmarilynb said, "SCREAMING."

Here's what other ColourPop fans are saying about the new product on Twitter.

Yes to the hashtag.

All of the praise hands.

Life = complete.

Shook to the CORE.

People are ready to drop their dollar, dollar bills, y'all.

Would you expect anything less from the killer brand?

There's no word on when the concealer will be released, but fans should follow ColourPop's Instagram account for the latest announcements.