A ColourPop x Sonya Esman Collaboration Is Happening & Here’s What You Need To Know

It seems like cosmetics companies come out with new celebrity collabs every day, but ColourPop's out-of-the-box collaboration collections are some of my favorites. That's why the ColourPop x Sonya Esman collaboration was such fun news to hear about on Wednesday. ColourPop has teamed up with more well-known beauty industry brands like KathleenLights and Ipsy, but some of its most fun collabs have been with less beauty-focused stars like Alexis Ren. The brand announced a new collab today, and it's with Russian model and blogger Sonya Esman.

Although Esman isn't a household name, her 1.9 million Instagram followers prove that she has some serious fans (and an audience that's always looking for more Esman). They're in luck, because it looks like a ColourPop x Sonya Esman collection is definitely coming soon, according to the brand's Instagram. In an Instagram story posted by the brand Wednesday, it teased the collab, which is called "Perks of Being a Wildflower." According to beauty Instagram Trendmood, the collab is called the Mini On The Go Collection and includes three Mini Multi Stix, one Mini Lip Primer, a SuperShock Cheek Duo and a new eyeshadow palette. Here's a collage of everything the collab will include.

I'm loving the mix of neutral shades, which perfectly match Esman's Instagram aesthetic.

Right? She's all about the neutrals, fresh face and peachy nude blushes and lip colors.


It's no surprise the eyeshadows in the palette are subtle peaches and nudes.


How great is this peachy blush and highlighter combo too? It's the perfect summer beauty combo.


Plus, the packaging is super adorable. Although we don't know when this collab will hit the ColourPop website, one thing can be certain — it's coming.