Starbucks Shoes Now Exist, So Get Your Orders Ready

by Kali Borovic

It looks like you finally have some competition when it comes to who is more basic. As Teen Vogue found, Stefon Diggs, a receiver for the Minnesota Vikings just got personalized Starbucks cleats, and they are incredible. They come complete with the logo, his name, and even his order. If you don't want football already, this is a good reason to start.

If there's anything that scream fall, it's a steaming hot cup of Starbucks. The brown cardboard sleeve and green lady are pretty much a sign that col weather is on the way. Now it will be on the football field as well.

Diggs had his cleats personalized with the Starbucks logo by Mache Custom Kicks — a brand known for their incredible sneakers and cleat designs. The design features the brown sleeve with the Starbucks logo wrapped around the middle of the shoe, but the details don't stop there.

On top of that, the design also featured the iconic name slot with "Digz" written in as well as the order boxes on the front of the toe. The laces are also the brand's signature color. It's unclear exactly what the receiver is ordering, but he's doing it in style.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy these online. You'll have to put in your order with Mache Custom Designs, wait int line scrolling on your phone, and pay more than the price of a precious vente Pumpkin Spice Latte.

This isn't the first time that Dan Gamache, aka Mache, has designed cleats for profession athletes, either. He's worked with Adidas to design for the entire University of Nebraska team and, according to his Twitter, has made previous shoes for Diggs as well.

Although Mache designs both shoes and cleats, he says that the latter takes much for time.

"With the brand using lighter, faster, stronger materials that are synthetic and not leather, it’s definitely different in terms of preparation," Maches told Sole Collection about his previous cleat collab. "You try to make it so that they’re as wearable as possible and they don’t scuff on the first wear."

The internet is going crazy over these shoes. People are torn between being mesmerized over the design and wanting some for themselves, and for good reason. Fingers cross that Mache starts making them for the public, because PSL season would never be so epic.

Asking for a friend.

The emojis say it all.

If only.

So what line do I need to stand in to get some for myself?