Hallmark Channel Monopoly Lets You Buy Christmas Tree Farms & Quaint B&Bs


Most Hallmark fans are here for the feel-good holiday cards and picture-perfect romance movies playing 24/7 on its signature TV channel. And while marathon-watching sappy winter romance films on the Hallmark Channel in your Snuggie is a surefire way to induce the warm and fuzzy feelings of a perfect, Hallmark-card-worthy holiday season, there's now a much less antisocial way to do so. Hallmark is launching a Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game and it's about to up your winter holiday vibes to full-on Hallmark Channel perfection.

Complete with a full-color playing board, six collectible tokens, and custom Hallmark Channel money (emblazoned with its cute dog-with-scarf logo and all), everything about the Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game — which retails for $39.99 in regular money — is on brand. It's everything you love about Monopoly, but with a saccharine Hallmark twist: Think cottages and inns instead of houses and hotels, "Family" and "Home" cards instead of "Chance" and "Community Chest," and tokens that include ice skates, Christmas trees, and the Hallmark pup instead of ships, cars, and thimbles.

The properties available for purchase as your travel around the Monopoly board are just as entirely Hallmark-themed, too. For example, a Christmas tree farm and a bakery serve as the game's two prime properties, in addition to a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, skating pond, and sledding hill.

Best part? You don't have to shelve this baby once the winter holidays conclude themselves. While the game certainly sparkles with the vibe of a winter holiday fantasy, it also incorporates picturesque Hallmark motifs from all four seasons. The board is sectioned off into seasonal areas, including Spring Fever, Summer Nights, Fall Harvest, and Winterfest, so you can officially use this version of Monopoly year-round without seeming like a kooky Hallmark-Christmas-obsessed person (even if that is, in fact, exactly what you are). That means you can donate your regular Monopoly board to charity this year and ensure every game of Monopoly that lies in your future is Hallmark-themed. As it should be.

The Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game will be available online starting Oct. 25 — just in time to kick off the holiday season. If you're a fan of Hallmark Channel's particular brand of winter coziness, this edition of the classic Monopoly game is going to be at the top of your holiday wish list. Thanks to this customized board game, your favorite holiday Monopoly tradition can be fully sprinkled with Hallmark's romantic, greeting-card-level winter wonderland magic. So if you don't yet have a family holiday Monopoly night on your list of traditions, perhaps 2019 is the time to start one.