A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Wants To Spend His Winnings On Endless Taco Bell & Honestly, Goals


Taco Bell is already affordable enough that it's all too easy to justify getting it, so dedicating $100,000 to eating it every day could probably last the rest of your life and then some. But, who would aspire to such a goal? Well my friendlies, there's a lid for every pot. One Jeopardy! contestant vowed to spend his winnings on Taco Bell for life, if he was victorious. And, because Taco Bell awarded him a $500 gift card, he sort of got his wish. Georgia Tech freshman Rishab Jain was a recent contestant on the show's college edition where he reportedly told host Alex Trebek that if he won the competition, all of his prize money would go toward his daily Taco Bell habit, according to PEOPLE magazine. While Jain didn't take home the grand prize, Taco Bell still rewarded his loyalty.

"On Wednesday evening, Jeopardy! created a short video about Jain’s love for Taco Bell and tweeted it with the message, 'Hey @tacobell, would 100,000 #TripleMeltBurritos be enough to last Rishab a lifetime?'" PR Week reported. Taco Bell replied with a tweet indicating that they had Jain's back. "Anyone who is dedicated enough to commit their $100,000 potential earnings to a lifetime supply of Taco Bell is a fan," Matt Prince, PR and brand engagement manager at Taco Bell, told PR Week. What's the lesson here? Ask and you shall receive!

Prince added that Taco Bell has no ulterior motive for offering Jain the gift card. "We are just doing this for him, and if it gains steam, that is great." Upon receiving the tweet, Jain replied: "Is this what I think it is?" While the $500 gift card probably won't last Jain the rest of his life, it will get him through college. In an interview with Fox News Jain said he is a vegetarian and that Taco Bell always accommodates his requests, elevating his love for the fast-food chain. "It’s changed my life partially. I found myself going every week," he said to Fox News. "It’s good to have that sort of food on campus because it’s something I can relate to."

If you haven't gotten your taco on lately, Taco Bell actually has more to offer than you might remember, and they'll make most of your fast-foodie dreams come true — within reason. "If you want anything we sell added to your dish, we can do it. You can literally play around and create anything you want with the ingredients we have," an anonymous Taco Bell manager told Thrillist. "It's a little annoying for us to do, but it's totally possible and I feel like not a lot of people know that. You just have to know that you are allowed to ask." This is why true Taco Bell lovers like Jain are so loyal. Because, whatever your jam, Taco Bell will indulge you.

While Jain didn't go all the way in the Jeopardy! competition, the website The Jeopardy Fan noted that he did walk away with a little more than $10,000, which if added to his $500 gift card, could very well buy him a lifetime supply of Taco Bell. The Consumerist reported that a 2014 contest promised winners a lifetime of Taco Bell, which costs $10,000. Here's the breakdown. If you spend $217 a year at Taco Bell for 46 years you could eat your fave food almost every day, assuming you're not eating Taco Bell for every single meal. Because, there really is a such thing as too much — especially when you're in college, and there are few things better than Taco Bell. It's always open. It tastes great. There's a lot of variety. And you can totally afford it. Taco Bell for the win.