A KKW x Jaclyn Hill Video Is Coming

Kim Kardashian West/Snapchat

If you're a fan of both YouTube beauty influencers and the latest trending makeup, you're in for a treat. According to late night Snapchat posts, a KKW x Jaclyn Hill video is coming to a computer screen near you. If you don't have notifications turned on for Hill's YouTube channel, you should go ahead and get on it because this is one upload you won't want to miss.

On Wednesday, Hill took to her Snapchat to tease that she was filming with a special person, and it wasn't long before she revealed who was joining her. As it turns out, it was none other than Kim Kardashian West. Hill revealed the pair were filming a video by posting an image of their products side by side before cutting to video of the two of them getting ready to film.

While the exact contents of the upcoming video are still a bit vague, it seems as though the pair are planning a Get Ready With Me Q&A video. Basically, it's a Kim Kardashian West and Jaclyn Hill fan's dream come true.

The collaboration couldn't have come at a better time. Both Kardashian West and Hill have products that debuted recently. But while the KKW Beauty contour sticks and the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette sold out almost instantly, their video together will get fans pumped about both of the products' upcoming restocks.

Kim Kardshian West/Snapchat

KKW and Jaclyn Hill devotees around the world likely screamed with excitement when they saw a Snapchat featuring both the gorgeous stars.

Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat

Look how great their products look next to one another!

Kim Kardashian West/Snapchat

As of press time, there has been no word about when the video is going to debut. However, Hill's videos are typically uploaded within a week or two of filming.

Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat

If you want to catch the video, keep a tab open on Jaclyn Hill's YouTube channel. While it may be a bit early to say, I'm going to go ahead and throw out that Kardashian West and Jaclyn Hill are about to break the internet...again.