Lady Brenda Hale's Spider Brooch Has Inspired This Range Of Charity T-Shirts


Over the past few years our daily lives have been consumed with a seemingly never-ending string of political earthquakes, and following the Supreme Court's ruling which stated Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acted unlawfully, it appears the politics overload is showing no signs of slowing down. However, a ray of light managed to emerge from the doom and gloom at Westminster, after attention turned to a spider brooch worn by one of the Supreme Court judges — and within hours of her court appearance, a T-shirt with Lady Brenda Hale's brooch on it is being sold for charity, and something positive has finally emerged from the ongoing Brexit chaos.

As reported by the Guardian, this unexpected, but welcomed distraction from the current political turmoil arrived during Lady Hale's delivery of the Supreme Court's ruling, which stated that the prorogation of the UK parliament was unlawful. The accessory soon caught the attention of those awaiting the court's highly-anticipated decision, and the T-shirt company, Balcony Shirts, promptly created a brand new range inspired by Lady Hale's brooch — and some of the proceeds will go to charity. Amazing.


According to the Guardian, Balcony Shirts (who are ironically based within Boris Johnson's Uxbridge constituency) have pledged to donate 30 percent of all proceeds to the housing and homelessness charity Shelter — and after just a few hours on the market, the Lady Hale-inspired T-shirts managed to raise an impressive £5,000. In a statement following the T-shirt's overwhelming success, a spokesperson for the company said, "We often print topical t-shirts, and as everyone on Twitter was talking about the brooch we thought it was a great angle for a new design. We can’t believe it’s taken off quite the way it has. We picked Shelter as homelessness appears to be a growing problem in Uxbridge, and it’s nice to do our part."

If you're looking to purchase one of the trending tees for yourself, and do your bit for charity, you can find the Lady Hale Spider Brooch T-shirt on the official Balcony Shirts Ebay store for just £10. After the monumental response to their latest design, Balcony Shirts went on to thank customers for their support in a recent social media post. It read, "In 15 years of doing this, nothing like this has ever happened to us before. Thank you so much for your orders and love," and continued on to say, "Homelessness in Uxbridge is a growing problem. We are going to work through the night to get orders out."

Now, spider brooches aside, the primary focus of Lady Hale's speech was indeed the Supreme Court's verdict, and as reported by the BBC, the case was held in reference to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue (suspend) Parliament for five weeks. However, the Supreme Court judges, including Lady Brenda Hale, have concluded that the act of closing down Parliament in this manner was unlawful.

So, it seems the Brexit rollercoaster isn't coming to a halt anytime soon, but at least a genuinely charitable cause has emerged from the Westminster carnage. Every cloud, I suppose.