A Light For Your Toilet, A Stool For Your Stool, & 37 Other Weirdly Useful Amazon Products

One time, I bought a hair tie ring for my hair ties. (Call me bananas, but it seemed like a solid investment.) I mean, what's not to love about a ring that keeps every elastic in one place? That's the thing about weirdly useful Amazon products — you don't realize how great they are until you try them out for yourself.

Sure, you can read the descriptions of various items, but they often don't do the products justice. For instance, this foot goo for blisters might not seem appealing — but I have it, and I'm happy to report that it truly does work (especially if you're a runner, like me). There are so many Amazon items like that, ranging from toilet stools to recipe rocks.

For proof, all you have to do is check out some of the reviews. Customers don't come online to shy away from honesty — so if you notice that a product has thousands of glowing ratings, it's safe to say that it's worth your time. For instance, rave reviews helped me discover a sturdy night light that I can wear like a necklace — and honestly, I have zero regrets.

The tricky part is finding those strange-but-ridiculously useful gems on Amazon with thousands of reviews. Here's a collection of some of the best finds out there. (You'll wish you'd discovered them sooner.)


A Color-Changing Night Light For Your Toilet

This LED night light fills your toilet with rainbow colors when you stumble to the bathroom after midnight. It has a flexible hook that fits around most standard toilets, and it's activated by your body heat. As soon as you get close, this little light flicks on and lights up your bowl. You can choose a single color or let it rotate with 16 different options.


A Toilet Stool That Helps You Go

You're in and out of the bathroom in a snap with this Squatty Potty stool. It has a wide curve along the bottom, so it can tuck right under your toilet. And at seven inches high, it gives you just enough leverage to squat without making you feel uncomfortable. While it may not seem like this stool is a bathroom necessity, almost 10,000 Amazon reviewers agree that it's a game-changer.


Dress Socks That Have A Secret Pocket

These pocket socks are perfect for stowing away your valuables while you're traveling. They're made from a soft blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester — and their crew-style height reaches up to your calves. The pocket on each sock is just wide enough to hold a couple of credit cards and folded-up cash, and the zippers keep everything secure. Even better: The zipper won't set off security alarms.


An Ultra Durable Clip That Holds Your Bag Up

Not only can this super strong clip hold your bag, but it can hook onto tables, chairs, and even the headrest in your car in the process. It's made from triple-strength alloy metal, so it won't bend or crack — and it's guaranteed to last for 10 years before you need a replacement. To use, just snap it open and hook it to any surface. The other end hangs onto your bags, saving them from dirt and bacteria that tend to lurk on floors.


A Portable Safe That You Can Take With You Anywhere

If you've ever worried about someone swiping your stuff at the beach (or wherever you're traveling), this portable safe is a must. For one, it comes with a built-in lock and features a roll-up top with thick, waterproof fabric. Therefore, anything you put inside won't get wet. The fabric is also completely slash-resistant, making it safe to carry anywhere. Plus, this compartment is just big enough to fit your keys, wallet, and a phone — so it won't feel like you're lugging some kind of huge, heavy fortress around in your purse.


A Mini Exercise Bike That Fits Under Your Desk

This mini exercise bike is slim and lightweight, but it'll definitely give you a workout. You can adjust its resistance level with the tension knob at the side to really break a sweat, or you can leave it alone for an easy ride while you type up your emails. There's also an LCD screen that displays your time, speed, and other data — and it even has four anti-slip grippers on the bottom so it won't budge an inch.


A Silicone Brush That Cleans Your Keyboard

Not only does this genius little brush get into the cracks of your keyboard, but you can use it to clean out cameras, smartphones, and other devices. It's double-sided, and the pointier edge is made with soft silicone that easily picks up dirt in the cracks. However, both sides are slim enough to slip underneath keys, glide into DVD slots, and reach behind small shelves.


A Balm That Prevents Blisters

One dab of this blister-prevention balm can literally save your feet on a run. It's made from a waxy formula that glides right over your skin and creates a protective coating so socks slide without irritating your skin. The special formula won't stain your socks, though; it'll come out completely in the wash. Plus, some runners use this stuff to help stave off chafing.


An Electric Scrubber That Power Cleans Your Bathroom

You don't need to put in any elbow grease with this power bathroom scrubber. It features a high-torque rotator head, along with three replaceable heads that make it easy to reach every last corner. The cone-shaped head is great for windowsills and corners, the round brush is perfect for tanks, tubs, and toilets, and the flat brush takes care of every horizontal surface from countertops to tile floors. This scrubber even comes with a rechargeable battery to help you get through any deep clean.


A Reusable Spork That's Double-Sided

Ditch the plasticware for good with this reusable spoon-fork combo. Unlike those flimsy sporks you get from restaurants, this utensil features a full-sized fork on one end and a spoon on the other. The whole thing is made from food-grade quality nylon that's BPA-free, and it won't warp in the dishwasher. With this pack of three, you can take them to work for lunch multiple days in a row and save on waste.


These Silicone Hooks That Keep Your Wireless Earbuds In Place

Not only do these little silicone hooks protect your earbuds, but they also ensure they won't fall out while you walk or run. They're smaller than other earbud hooks, so they're less noticeable. However, they still keep your wireless earbuds in place. Below each hook, there's a sleek, silicone cover that stretches over your headphones to keep them clean. Choose from four colors including pink, clear, black, and blue


The Compression Foot Sleeves Infused With Copper

If you struggle with foot pain, these foot sleeves can offer some much-needed relief. They slip over the middle of each foot and offer gentle compression around your arches for relief (especially if you have flat feet, fallen arches, or plantar fasciitis). There's even real copper infused into the fabric. Reviewers have worn these everywhere from long jogs to errand runs, and they work every time.


A Book Light That Loops Around Your Neck

You can hook this rechargeable book light around your neck and read in bed hands-free. The key is in the wired arms; they hold their shape without budging. You can hook this light around the back of your neck and position it so the arms gently hug your shoulders and neck to stay in place. There's an LED light on each arm, and you can choose from three settings to decide how bright you want them to shine.


A Mini Popcorn Maker That's Easy To Use

This popcorn maker pops the perfect amount for a movie night in (whether you're entertaining or flying solo), because you can adjust how many kernels you put into it. However, this pastel-colored machine can pop up to 16 cups of popcorn at a time, and it'll even melt your butter. Using only hot air and the touch of a single button, this kitchen device makes delicious, cloud-like popcorn in just a few minutes — and all you have to do is wait for it to fall into the bowl.


A Magnetic Rock That Holds Your Recipes

This magnetic rock is more than just a paperweight — it's a paper holder. The high-powered magnetic ball that's included can secure up to eight papers so you can store multiple notes and recipes to the rock. Plus, one side of the unit is slanted at the perfect angle so you can easily read your recipes without having to bend over. It comes in tons of colors, such as graphite, gold, black, white, and more.


A Smartphone Holder That Tucks Into Your Airplane Seat

If you're tired of your phone or tablet sliding around when you're on a flight, this brilliant phone flap will keep it steady so you can watch your shows. It's made from flexible materials so you can literally bend and twist it to whichever shape you need to see your screen. You can slip it into the back pocket of the seat in front of you and curl the other end up to hold your phone. Or, you can use it to prop up your device on the tray table.


A Rechargeable Hand Warmer You Can Fit In Your Pocket

This rechargeable hand warmer is a game-changer if you're chronically cold. For one, both sides heat up equally so you can hold it between your palms and bask in its toasty warmth. It also stays warm for up to six hours, and you can adjust the heat settings so it's just the right temperature to slip inside your gloves or pockets when it's freezing outside. And when the battery runs out, just plug it into any standard USB cable to charge it up again.


A Powerful Alarm Clock That Shakes You Awake

This extra loud alarm clock wakes you up with sounds, vibrations, and more. It's extra loud, for one — but it also has obnoxious flashing lights for extra motivation to get out of bed. And if that isn't quite enough, this alarm also has a "bed shaker" feature, which is just as intense as it sounds. It does give you the option to snooze for up to 30 minutes, but with that kind of wake-up call, I'm not sure why you would.


These Fruit Chews That Will Give You An Energy Boost

If you want a natural burst of energy, these organic, USDA-approved fruit chews will do the trick. They taste like gummy bears, but they'll give you the afternoon kick you need. They're made with a variety of organic fruits and are infused with power-packed vitamins and a dose of caffeine, making these chews a great post-lunch snack for the afternoon hustle. Of course, consult your doctor before adding these supplements to your diet.


A Soft Pillow That Holds Your Tablet

Prop up your tablet to watch a show or play a game with this cozy pillow stand. It carefully cradles your tablet while you read, watch TV, or play games — and its microfiber shell ensure that your device is safe from scratches. On top of that, the microfiber actually stays cool on your lap, so you (and your tablet) won't overheat. You can use this pillow at the table, on a flight, in bed, or relaxing in your favorite chair.


A Tool That Cleans Out Your Hairbrush

Get all the gunk out of your brushes with this little cleaning tool. It has tons of thin, plastic bristles that are firm enough to pull hair from your soft-bristled brushes. Here's how it works: Gently comb your brush to remove huge mats of hair in one or two sweeps. Cleaning your brushes is way faster with this little tool, and you won't leave any hair behind.


A Cup Holder That Clips To The Side Of Your Desk

This innovative cup holder clings to the edge of any flat surface, saving your table from condensation stains. This metal holder clamps onto any standard counter, desk, table, or shelf — and it's easily removed when you're finished. When you use it, your drink stays suspended in air beside you, freeing up workspace on your desk. It can hold mugs, tumblers, and even extra-large cups. Some reviewers have ever used this holder for their phones.


A Mug Warmer That Heats Up When It Senses Your Cup

Your drink of choice is always steamy with this electric cup warmer. You can choose between two heat settings depending on how hot you like your coffee. The pad actually senses when you place the mug on it, and it heats up to your desired setting. But when the mug's not in place, the platform won't get hot. You can plug this little pad in all day and enjoy your hot drinks without worrying if they'll get cold.


An Memory Foam Pillow That's Perfect For Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, this orthopedic pillow is a totally lifesaver. It helps relieve hip pain and back stiffness that can occur if you spend a lot of time resting on your sides throughout the night. The U-shape middle is just the right size to fit between your legs, giving your hips a little leverage and keeping them in alignment all night. Plus, this pillow is made of high-density memory foam, so it feels like a dream.


A Windmill Cutter That Makes Perfect Watermelon Slices

This windmill cutter makes slicing up a watermelon easier than ever. Just cut your watermelon in have and slide this slicer right over the top. As it turns, it cuts up perfectly-sized portions. You can even adjust this tool to create bigger slices, and it's super easy to clean. Even if you think you have enough kitchen gadgets already, reviewers swear that this one is absolutely worth it.


A Bedside Shelf For Your Nighttime Necessities

This attachable bedside shelf clamps onto your bed frame so you can easily reach your phone, tea, or tissues while you're chilling in bed. It comes with a heavy-duty clamp so it won't budge once it's attached to your frame. The shelf itself is super durable, too, and is made from bamboo. Plus, you don't need any tools to latch it onto the side of your bed, which makes it an overall easy addition to your room.


This Travel Spray That Banishes Bathroom Odors

A little spritz of this Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray eliminates any odors before you even go. Just lift the seat and spray directly into the toilet bowl. The ingredients create a barrier shield on top of the water that traps in odor until you flush. Plus, it comes in a tiny 10-ounce spray bottle, so it's easy to hide in your pocket or purse. This one, in particular, smells like lavender vanilla.


A Plug-In That Uses Ultraviolet Lights To Clean The Air

This isn't your average air purifier; this one uses ultraviolet (UV-C) lighting to kill germs and viruses mid-air instead of masking odors. It may not let off a flowery scent, but this purifier still gets rid of airborne germs around it, including staph and flu viruses. Even better? You never have to replace the filter on this purifier. Just plug it in and you're good. It's only 7 inches tall, too, so it won't take up that much room.


A Natural Mouthwash Made With Coconut And Peppermint Oils

This all-natural mouthwash cleans your teeth without any toxins or chemicals. It's made from a blend of luxe coconut and peppermint oils, and that's pretty much it. Plus, it's totally free of fluoride and alcohol. Just let it swish around your mouth for a few minutes to trap toxins in the oil, then spit. Your mouth will feel glorious when you're through.


A Cake Cutter That Makes Perfectly Equal Slices

Press this cake cutter template into any round cake for perfect portions every time. Basically, you just set this plastic cutter over the cake and gently push down to create exactly equal portions that actually look pretty. You can even throw this cutter into the dishwasher when you're finished. Plus, there won't be any arguing at the dinner table over who got the biggest piece.


A Super Bright Flashlight That's Also Really Flexible

This flexible flashlight has 16 bulbs that you can crank up for major brightness when you need it. You can adjust the brightness to low, medium, high, or rapid fire if you're in a bind and need to flag for help. The lights are threaded into a super flexible flap that keeps them in place while also bending to fit around poles, tools, or pipes. This flashlight also features a heavy-duty magnet so you can attach it to your fridge or car if needed.


These Cable Protectors That Save Your Cords From Fraying

This pack of cable protectors can save you tons of money on cord replacements — and it's a total steal. For less than $6, you get 24 of these pastel protectors in one package. They're made from stretchy silicone so they can bend with your wires, but they're thick enough so that they won't fray. In fact, the thickest part of each protector hugs the base of the cord that it's wrapped around, which is right where the cable tends to break.


This Moldable Glue That Hardens Into Silicone

This moldable glue is pretty much a miracle-worker. It's so powerful that it comes in individually-wrapped packets so you use just enough. Plus, once it's exposed to air, the glue changes consistency and turns to silicone rubber that won't budge. You can use it on everything from cracked electronics to broken shoe soles. Some reviewers have even used it to fix tables and kitchen countertops.


These Soft Towels That Leave Stainless Steel Streak-Free

You don't have to use a certain cleaner with these stainless steel towels. While cleaners work well, they can often leave tons of chemical residue behind (which can also transfer to your hands). This towel is made from a fabric called Nanolon, which wipes away fingerprints and stains with just a bit of water. It works on any stainless steel appliance, and it's totally safe for pets and kids.


This Useful Flashlight That Doubles As A Pen

This pen-flashlight combo is perfect if you're working or writing in a dark space. The flashlight shines concentrated, bright light onto any surface you're working on, and the light lasts for up to two hours continuously with standard AAA batteries. You can remove the cap to use it as a pen if you need to take some notes. It also comes with a clip so you can easily attach it to your pocket.


This Steel Soap That Removes Odors From Your Hands

There's no need to go around smelling like onions and garlic with this stainless steel soap bar. There's literally no soap in this bar — it's all steel — but you use it the same way. Run it under cold water, rub it over your hands for at least 30 seconds, and then dry your hands. The bar will pull scents from your skin, leaving them completely odor-free.


A Razor Extender So You Can Get An Even Closer Shave

This razor extension handle is a must if you have any sort of back pain. You don't have to hunch over in the shower to shave those hard-to-reach places (like your shins and ankles). Just slip any standard razor into the extension handle and get to shaving. That's it. Once your legs are buttery soft, remove the razor and store your handle until your next shower.


These Scoops That Funnel Your Protein Powder Without Spills

You can forget about messy powder spills with these BPA-free funnel scoops for powdered supplements. They're pretty genius, actually; each scoop has millimeter marks etched into the sides so you can be sure you have the perfect amount of powder. Then, you can close them up and toss them into your bag (they're completely spill- and mess-proof). When you're ready to mix them with your water, remove the top and use the funnel side to add in your powder without losing a single particle.


A Desk That Hooks To Your Car Steering Wheel

Take your office with you with this detachable steering wheel desk. To use it, just slip it over the steering wheel and latch it into place. It offers just enough space to eat your lunch if you're on the run (complete with a drink holder) — and it can hold a small laptop if you need to create a mini office in your car. When you're finished, you can easily store it in the back pocket of your seat.

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