A Guy Straight Up Emailed Every Claudia At Missouri State To Find A Woman He Swiped Left On

Unless you pony up for a premium membership, an accidental left swipe on Tinder could sent a potential BAE into an online-dating abyss where you might never find them again. Well, someone found a way around that. One guy emailed every Claudia at her university after an accidental left swipe on Tinder, and it brings finding missed connections to a whole new level. For errant left-swipers, Craigslist has a missed connections section for just this purpose. However, most people aren't busy checking Craigslist to see if someone is looking for them. And sometimes you have to get inventive to find the one who got away.

Love seeker Hayden Moll mis-swiped on Tinder, and someone he was interested in named Claudia vanished from his potential matches. While most people would simply face palm and then keep swiping, Moll got creative. He sent an email to more than 40 people named Claudia at Missouri State University to find his lost love connection. Moll's email made light of his accidental swipe, and explained that because Tinder doesn't show people's last names he decided to email everyone named Claudia in an attempt to see if he could find the one he was looking for. Because, let's face it, finding love online is rough, and this is pretty much the You've Got Mail for the 21st century.

Moll did indeed find his lost BAE, and Claudia's tweet about it went viral because literally everyone wants to know if Claudia will swipe right for a Hollywood rom-com ending.

Seriously, people are even losing sleep over this Tinder cliffhanger.

Come on, Linda, we need to know what happened right NOW.

Some people thought that Moll should lose points for his grammar gaffe.

Which he immediately fixed upon realizing his mistake.

While some people found Moll's gesture romantic, others were a little creeped out.

Because, you never know.

Though others have a different perspective on stalking versus gumption.

And they respect his effort.

Coming soon to a theater near you: Tinderella.

The suspense is connecting people around the world.

And, we're all on the edge of our seats!

Because this is the stuff that gets us through a long day at work.

In the world of online-dating ghosting, Moll gets props for his initiative.

Coffee and doughnuts seems like a safe first date.

Even if it's a bust, at least there are doughnuts.

Other Claudias are willing to go on a date with Moll if this Claudia decides to swipe left.

And, if nothing else, it'll be a punny story to share with friends.

Moll isn't the first one to go down an online rabbit hole to find a missed connection.

Though, this one didn't end in romance.

Mis-swiping is such a problem that now has a missed-connections section so you don't have to email eleventy-million people with the same name as your heart's desire.

But, some people think it's creepy AF.

However, others have actually had positive experiences going on a date with a missed connection, according to the Washington Post. One woman in Maryland, Julia Crantz, met someone at a movie, but failed to get his deets before they parted ways. This also totally happened on the original run of Will & Grace when Will failed to ask James (played by Taye Diggs) for his number after they met at the movies. While Will and James eventually ran into each other again IRL, Crantz turned to the missed connections section on Craigslist, and much to her surprise, her missed connection was looking for her too.

"It described the interaction and was like, 'Let’s meet up. Let’s connect,'" she told the Post. "We did, and it was lovely." Though the pair ended up being friends instead of star-crossed lovers, Crantz was still happy that found each other. So, if you let someone slip away, the possibility of finding them again is real. Apparently a lot of people are checking on the regular to see if someone is looking for them.

"In this swipe culture, it’s real in a way that some other interactions aren’t," Crantz said to the Washington Post. "It’s almost like clinging to the possibility that a meet-cute can still happen. And who doesn’t want a meet-cute?" So, while we're still in suspense about whether or not Moll and Claudia will go on that doughnut date, even if it's not a love connection, a missed connection could end up being a good friend. And, if it's a total bust, at least there's doughnuts.