Twitter Just Went In On This Guy Who Doesn't Think Clothes Are Sexist

by Eliza Castile

When your phone screen shatters after taking a nosedive from the minuscule scrap of fabric masquerading as your back pocket, or you hobble around on bleeding, sore feet the day after wearing heels to a job interview, you might be inclined to think that women's clothing is sexist. Suffocating corsets and ungainly hoop skirts might not be the name of the fashion game anymore, but women's fashion still tends to be useless, uncomfortable, or some miserable combination of both. It's no wonder some people turn to the men's section, where the sizing is simpler and the fabrics opaque.

While pretty much anyone who has worn women's clothing could confirm this, not everyone is convinced by firsthand experience. On Tuesday, Twitter user Bree Mae tweeted about her preference for men's clothing, which she has found to be better quality and often cheaper. This being the Internet, it didn't take long for some dude to take offense, retweeting her thread with a derisive comment.

"Incredible strand of tweets right here. Clothing is sexist now," wrote a Twitter user called Ryan. "What a time."

Presumably, this is coming from someone doesn't have to buy a purse for all the stuff he can't fit in his pockets — a fact which wasn't lost on Twitter users keeping up with the thread. That's when Jared Pechacek, graphic designer and wordsmith, chimed in and won our hearts forever. Retweeting Ryan, Pechacek started his own thread ever-so-gently encouraging Ryan to reconsider his opinion.

In the ensuing barrage of tweets, Pechecek went on to point out that women's clothes are "meant to present you like a delicacy," which has been happening "since before corsets were forged in hell."

He touched on the marketing, which is designed to make men feel powerful and women inadequate. Oh, and no discussion of women's clothing would be complete without talking about pockets.

He then condescended to explain the idea of privilege, asking Ryan to think about why he was irritated by Mae's tweets. Fashion may be a small problem in the grand scheme of things, but it's worth taking seriously.

I would be remiss to leave out the best part: It's a lengthy thread, but somehow, Pechacek managed to work in in at least one ridiculous pet name per tweet. Highlights include "Palfred the Great," "Jacques Dudesteau," and my personal favorite, "proud-standing sugar loaf."

Fortunately, such brilliance didn't go unnoticed. Pechacek's thread has been favorited thousands of times since Wednesday, and Mae even tweeted her approval.

Trust me — you'll want to check out the tweet storm in its entire glory, so head over to Twitter and start reading. Don't you love the sweet sight of a feminist takedown in the morning?