How To Actually Dress Up As The Moth & Lamp Meme For Halloween This Year

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If you haven't been on the internet in the last five seconds, you might have missed out on a new meme trend featuring moths and lamps. Yes, you read that right: moths are the internet's new obsession, thanks to a few deeply relatable memes depicting the one-track-mind of a moth that's only interested in lamps. So of course, in the millennial spirit, I've put together a moth and lamp couples costume idea for Halloween, because you better believe there will be moths and lamps at your Halloween party. The greatest service you can offer to your fellow Gen Z-ers is to put together the best dang moth & lamp couple costume you can, and I'm here to help you do that. I want you to win your Halloween costume contest just as much as I want you to spend hours looking at moth and lamp memes like I did so that we're even.

The connection between a moth and a lamp exemplifies a connection we can all relate to on some level. We all have to propensity to become totally obsessed with something, whether it's ice cream, Hot Cheetos, Beanie Babies, Netflix shows or celebrities, we know the feeling of having eyes for only one thing. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you're thinking about that very thing and during that time life is so simple. You only have one thing on your mind. That's why this meme is so easily went viral, it isolates a very human thing in the most ridiculous way possible — that's the key to meme success, in case you're interested in creating your own meme sensation. To give you a better idea of the vibe of this trend, here are a few of my favorite memes that have surfaced on the internet:

No matter what your personal lamp is, chances are you can relate to this connection. Now that I've picked out a costume for you and your boo, all that's left is for the two of you to argue over who gets to be the moth and who gets to be the lamp.

Cecropia Moth Mask, $40, Etsy

Victorian Trading Co Leopard Moth Cape, $30, eBay

Lampshade Hat, $8, Party City

Golden Solid Colored Leotard, $, Light In The Box

It's easy to skew each of these pieces either way. They're both unisex and super easy to put together. Likely you won't have a lampshade hat or moth mask sitting around in your house, but for a pretty affordable price, you can make this Halloween costume happen. If you just want to use things from around the house, you can literally put a lampshade on your head and make a moth costume out of things you have already in your closet, here's a tutorial to do that. Now you have no excuse not to give this awesome and totally viral costume a shot. Major bonus points to anyone at the Halloween party who not only know exactly what you and your partner are dressing up as, but know about the memes, too.