There's A New 'Black Panther' Poster

by Kadeen Griffiths
Marvel Entertainment

As a long time fan of Captain America, I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I went to see Civil War for the introduction of Black Panther to the Avengers franchise. And now there's a new Black Panther poster out — which isn't even the best part of this news. The poster, which advertises the hero's upcoming solo film, puts him front and center right where he belongs. Dressed in his costume with the mask off and sitting on his throne, T'Challa's status as both the hero and the ruler of his people is clear. But even better is what the fact that his mask is off on this poster really means.

I mean, yes, it's great news that there's a teaser trailer on the way Friday night, because my excitement for this film is unreal. But can we talk about the fact that there's a black man sitting on a throne, dressed in a super hero costume, emphasizing his status as a king and a hero above and beyond the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk? Even Thor wasn't a king already by the time of his first movie.

But, in Civil War, we got to see T'Challa lose his father, a person who meant so much for him, become obsessed with the idea of revenge, and then, when he discovered his quest to be misguided, become a friend and ally of the good guys. He basically got more development in one movie than most non-main characters do across five of them. And now, as a king, he's about to helm his own film in the MCU.

Right here right now, I'm looking at him sitting tall on his throne, as if daring enemies to come and try to attack Wakanda or the world on his watch, and I have shivers. The first black superhero to lead a film in the MCU has arrived with a bang, you guys, and we shouldn't sleep on the pure power of this poster alone. Even if Black Panther isn't a great film — which, ha, don't you dare, Marvel — I'm already into how they're promoting it.

And now I'm even more impatient to see that teaser trailer. My heart may not survive!