A New DC TV Show Is Coming In 2017

Bettina Strauss/The CW

A new super is suiting up for the small screen. On Twitter, DC President Geoff Johns teased a new television series announcement coming sooner than we think, along with "many more" new series to come in the future. He also previewed Mera in the Justice League film, the integration of Watchmen characters in new issues of DC comics, and the eagerly anticipated Wonder Woman film. As for the new series, the possibilities are endless.

The new animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray is headed to CWSeed, so that's probably not what this cryptic news is all about. According to Variety, FOX ordered a Black Lightning pilot in September.

In terms of the Arrowverse, the obvious answer is Superman. As much as I love Supergirl, I want more of Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent, and I would definitely watch him on his own series. I would also not be surprised if this new series found a way to keep Katie Cassidy playing Black Canary. Could this be a new Green Lantern series? A Martian Manhunter spinoff?

With Gotham on Fox, I'm not sure that the CW would touch any of the Caped Crusader's core characters, but it is an exciting possibility. Supergirl did namedrop Gotham City in an early episode of Season 2, effectively opening that door. What about Batgirl, or Batwoman?

Speaking of, since this tweet came from Johns, it begs the speculation that this soon to be announced new series might not even be in the Arrowverse. It could join Gotham and Lucifer on FOX. Could Gotham be spinning off one of its characters next? There are enough interesting characters on that show that I would be in support of that choice.

Or, as I mentioned earlier, it could be the Black Lightning series, which centers around a DC comics character named Jefferson Pierce. According to Variety, "Pierce has made his choice. He hung up the suit and his secret identity years ago, but with a daughter hell-bent on justice and a star student being recruited by a local gang, he’ll be pulled back into the fight as the wanted vigilante and DC legend: Black Lightning."

With all of the orphans in the DC universe, this sounds like a refreshing new series! Hopefully this exciting announcement, whatever the hero and whatever the network, will happen ASAP!