A Pomeranian Cafe Is Opening & The Photos Will Make Your Whole Freaking Day

What if you woke up one morning and your greatest dreams had become a reality? You had millions in your bank account, no stress, you were BFFs all of the Queer Eye guys (who somehow all just happened to be hanging at your local bar!), and every cafe was full of delightful, furry creatures ready to make you feel amazing. Well, at least once of those can become a reality — sort of. There's a Pomeranian cafe opening in London, so you can get your dose of cuteness and dose of caffeine all in one go.

The Pom Cafe is a temporary pop-up in London to celebrate the release of The Secret Life of Pets 2 which will be in cinemas (aka, American movie theaters) on May 24. The Pom Cafe is a collaboration between The Pug Cafe — a real thing — and Universal Pictures UK, and it promises a whole lot of cuddly excitement.

"In honor of Gidget the Pomeranian, Pom Cafe will celebrate all things POM and offer a menu dedicated to dogs including Pupcakes, Dognuts, Pompops, Pupcorn, Pawsecco and more," the website explains. And if you bring your dogs, there's also a treat in it for them — every Pom will receive a free Pupuccino and Secret Life of Pets 2 gift. I don't know what a surprise gift for a Pomeranian might look like, but I feel pretty secure in guaranteeing that it will be cute.

The Pom Cafe

Where is the Pom Cafe happening? The pop-up will be at The Happenstance on Sunday, May 12 and you can book a time slot via email. If you're interested, check this website for a booking email address on April 6. You can book a 70-minute time slot from 12:30 p.m. through 4:15 p.m. — which is over an hour of puppy-loving excitement, for those of you who don't want to do the math. For non-Londoners, The Happenstance is a slick bar and restaurant right near St. Paul's Cathedral — so you could come visit a Pom Cafe and get a major tourist spot in there, easy-breezy.

The Pom Cafe

Don't have a Pom? Don't sweat it. Non-owners are also welcome to come and enjoy their furry friends. Though for Pomeranian Owners the price is only £10, while Pomeranian Lovers will have to fork out £14. Still, it's a small price to pay for entering a world of furry friends and I suppose that you don't have all of the costs of, you know, being an actual dog owner to content with.

The Pom Cafe

I think we can all agree that a Pom cafe is definitely worth buying a trans-Atlantic ticket for, but if you don't think that that's in your future then don't worry — there are lots of other ways to get show your love for man's best friend. There's a corgi pool float (which I can't believe is a real thing) from Urban Outfitters ready to help you get your summer vibes on. Or, of course, you could just adopt a puppy — though taking care of a puppy is definitely a big undertaking, so maybe it's better to stick with inflatable ones for now.

Not all dreams come true, but it's good to see that some of them can — and a cafe full of puppies and lattes is definitely one I can get behind. Come to London, pet puppies, be happy.