The ‘Queer Eye’ Cast Wants To Team Up With Marie Kondo In A Crossover That Will Spark Joy

Christopher Smith/Netflix

The third season of Queer Eye may have only just dropped on Netflix over the weekend, but the Fab Five are already thinking about what they could do for future seasons of the show and one idea involves an epic crossover with another makeover extraordinaire. While appearing on Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! the subject was broached as to whether or not the Queer Eye cast would ever team up with Marie Kondo from Tidying Up for what late night host Jimmy Kimmel referred to as an "Avengers-style" crossover. And it was an idea the gang was completely on board with.

Karamo Brown, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, and Antoni Porowski, who all appeared on the show, each echoed a similar sentiment that they would love to join forces with Kondo in the future. "We pray for that," France admitted. However, there was one member of the cast, Bobby Berk, who was absent from the interview and therefore unable to voice his opinion on the matter. And while he could very well be game for the match up, Brown joked that Berk, whose expertise is in home design, "might get a little upset" at the idea since it would be honing in on his turf.

Of course, the remarks are all in good fun. In fact, Van Ness felt like Kondo and Berk would take the makeovers to a whole different level of greatness, stating:

"Bobby, like, taught me that everything in my house needs to be designed, like, in the room, like, based off your favorite objects. He taught me this. And then Marie, honey, she taught me to just like get rid of all the stuff that doesn't spark my joy. So, I feel like between those two things it's so much good info."

Porowski added that their group lives by a "law of abundance," implying that they share a "the more, the merrier" mentality and would be down to have Kondo help out on a special episode down the road.

Denise Crew/Netflix

Granted, at this point in time it's all just wishful thinking on their part. Kondo herself has yet to respond to their remarks or statement whether she would be interested in joining forces with them as well. But odds are she'd be intrigued by the collaboration, so it's just a question of whether or not the stars will align in everyone's schedules in order to make this ultimate makeover dream team happen. (And kudos to Kimmel for bringing this possibility to our attention in the first place!)

Regardless of what ends up happening, it's honestly enough to just know that these two different shows exist on their own and we're lucky enough to get to watch them any time we want. So even if the two series never end up crossing over with each other it wouldn't be the end of the world. Though, if anything was ever going to spark some serious joy to the masses, it would be seeing Kondo team up with the Fab Five. Your move, Netflix!