A Radio Host's Sexual Comments About Chloe Kim (Who Is 17) Were So Bad, He Was Fired

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A Sirius XM radio host was fired from one of his talk shows on Wednesday for making sexual comments about an underage U.S. Olympic snowboarder, including calling her a "little hot piece of ass." Patrick Connor's remarks about Chloe Kim, for which he later apologized, came a day after the 17-year-old Kim became the youngest woman to win a medal for snowboarding at the Olympics.

Connor made the comments on Tuesday during the second episode of Dialed-In with Dallas Braden, a new Sirius XM show from Barstool Radio he co-hosts with former baseball pitcher Dallas Braden and comedian Brody Stevens. Connor, who graduated from college the same year Kim was born, is known as P-Con to many of his Bay Area listeners. Braden calls him "America's favorite nut."

However, his comments about Kim were more than "nutty" — they were lewd and began with him referencing a "countdown" to her 18th birthday.

"Her 18th birthday is April 23," Connor said, "and the countdown is on, baby, cause I got my Wooderson going — 'That's what I like about these high school girls.'" (Here he referenced Wooderson, Matthew McConaughey's character from Dazed and Confused, who said the famous line: "That's what I love about these high school girls, man: I get older, they stay the same age.")

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"No!" Braden cried, while Stevens said, "I love it P-Con, I'm right there with you."

"She's fine as hell!" Connor continued. "If she was 18, you wouldn't be ashamed to say that she's a little hot piece of ass. And she is. She is adorable, I'm a huge Chloe Kim fan."

"Did you just take a boner pill?" Stevens asked.

Connor remains employed by that show but was fired from his titular morning show on KNBR, The Shower Hour with Patrick Connor, on Wednesday.

He apologized for the remarks in a tweet:

Yesterday in a weird attempt to make people laugh I failed. My comments about @chloekimsnow were more than inappropriate they were lame & gross. Im truly sorry Chloe. You've repped our country so brilliantly. I apologize to my colleagues & the listeners for being a total idiot.

He also apologized in a Barstool statement, saying, "I want to apologize to Chloe Kim and her dad. They didn't deserve my stupid, foolish and immature comments."

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy responded to the incident in a blog post titled "Did Patrick Connor From Dallas Braden's Show Dialed In Set The World Record For Fastest Apology Of All Time At A New Job?" Portnoy wrote that he didn't find Connor's comments offensive, but wasn't surprised that many listeners did.

[T]his is new Barstool. Everybody is hanging on everything we say. We are under an intense microscope.

Braden reacted with a statement saying he acknowledged "[the] severity and the seriousness of the comments made," stating that Connor's words were "not who we are [at Barstool]."

Barstool is a media company that focuses on sports and men's lifestyle topics.

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Kim has frequently updated fans on her Olympics experience on Twitter, but has not commented on Connor's remarks.

On Monday, Kim won a gold medal for the halfpipe event in snowboarding. Unlike any woman before her, she completed back-to-back 1080-degree turns, enough to earn her a 98.25 score. Even though her gold medal spot was already guaranteed after her second of three runs, Kim still attempted that particularly difficult feat during her final run.

"I knew that if I went home with a gold medal knowing I could do better, I wasn't going to be satisfied," she told reporters on Tuesday. "That third run was just for me to prove to myself that I did it and I can just go home really happy and excited."