A Restaurant Gives Out Post-Meal Sheet Masks

I recently hearted a post on K-Beauty guru Alicia Yoon's Instagram in which she was trying out a new sheet mask on an airplane. The tireless sheet mask tester joked that she had #noshame. Therefore, the fact that a restaurant is giving out sheet masks at the end of a meal doesn't surprise me. Sheet masks and skincare aren't relegated to bed and bath time and they aren't something that has to be purchased by oneself for oneself, either. This is a trend I hope takes off.

Just like it made total sense for Yoon to test a moisturizing product on a dry aircraft, it's both smart and sweet for the Chinese eatery to dole out skin-loving products instead of fortune cookies, according to The Cut. Because why not?!

Sure, fortune cookies are yummy and just sweet enough. And who doesn't love absorbing and applying the wisdom from the paper inside IRL? But I personally would prefer a sheet mask after the fact because it's such an unexpected, welcome touch and easy and Instagrammable skincare trend, especially for lazy girls.

A user on the Reddit Skincare Addiction board posted that they received sheet masks with the bill after dining at Montreal restaurant Chez Maxim Oriental. Other users confirmed that they, too, received post-meal sheet masks. Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews reveal the same, according to The Cut.

Here is a screen shot of some of the Reddit chatter about the gesture. Some users weren't sure if it was insulting, as if they sheet mask gifter was trying to say the recipient had bad skin and thus needed the sheet mask. But it appears to be something the establishment does customarily, based on additional comments.

I bet Yoon, who curates the K-beauty kiosks that are now active at CVS locations and who scours the beauty planet for the best and most innovative products, would approve of sheet masks being the period on the end of the dinner sentence.

You don't need rip open the package and apply it then and there because duh. But you can use it when you get home and wash your face before bed.

There are tons of sheet masks out there so why not try a new one, gifted from a restaurant, right? I am loving this gesture and please, please, please ket it be a trend that takes off and becomes blazing hot.