CVS Is Going To Sell Lots Of K-Beauty Products Now

K-Beauty is becoming more accessible! What's that sound? Oh, it's actually silence, since no one is complaining about Korean beauty products being widely available. Target recently added select K-beauty products to its site and stores, courtesy of Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon. Now, CVS is adding a K-Beauty HQ to 2,100 stores nationwide starting in April. CVS has also recruited Yoon, whose is a licensed esthetician and tireless finder and tester of Korean beauty items, to curate its hub.

As evidenced by the selfie above, in which Yoon test-drove a cast mask designed to tighten skin while moisturizing it, she is at the center of all things Korean beauty. Her expertise is second-to-none and unmesswithable.

Yoon's inimitable Peach & Lily site focuses on the latest and greatest from Korean beauty. For CVS, Yoon will select more than 100 cult and trend-setting products to be sold at the retailer's in-store boutiques, according to Women's Wear Daily.

I need a minute to gather my thoughts, to stop hyperventilating, and to dance around my office, because this is the best news. I have been playing with a ton of K-Beauty products lately. I have learned that skincare cannot be viewed as a chore when incorporating Korean products into your regimen.

There are always multiple products to use, from serums to toners to oxygen cleansers to essences to sheet masks. I love the results. Yes, using more products adds at least 15 to 20 minutes to my skincare routine.

But is that really too much time to invest when pampering, protecting, and preparing one's skin for long term healthiness, suppleness, and beauty? I think not!

With the Yoon-edited CVS hubs, K-Beauty will be even more widely accessible to U.S.-based customers who want to try new things and take chances with new products and ingredients. I cannot wait to get lost in the aisles of CVS and to explore the K-Beauty HQ, discovering cult products and finding groundbreaking faves.

As you can see from just a random sampling of Yoon's Insta posts and the Peach & Lily mantra, she really seeks out and finds the best in Korean beauty and brings it to the masses. That's going to translate into wonderful things for those of us who like to try new products and who want in on the K-Beauty revolution.