A ‘Sandlot’ TV Series Is Happening & It’s Going To Feature The Cast Of The Original Film

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The Sandlot is one of the most revered movies of all time. Fans cannot help watching the classic movie over and over again. It really just never gets old. However, there is actually some brand new content on the way. A Sandlot TV series is in the works and as if that news is not amazing enough, the original characters will be back as well.

On April 11, Variety confirmed that a TV version of The Sandlot is in development for Disney+, Disney's streaming subscription series. The original film's co-writer and director David Mickey Evans on board to write and exevutive produce the show. The 1993 film focused on a group of boys playing baseball during the summer in 1962. The TV series is supposed to take place in 1984 with a focus on the original characters and their children, who most likely follow in their baseball-playing footsteps.

Other than that, the plot is very much under wraps. However, there could be some hints from the original movie. The Sandlot concluded with a series of clips showing how the boys' lives ended up years later. However, it's not clear if the series will follow those same plot lines or if the storylines will differ.

Scotty Smalls' narration at the end of the movie revealed how everyone's lives progressed following that pivotal summer. He continued his love of baseball and became a sportscaster. Yeah-Yeah went to military school. After his stint in the army, he became "one of the primary developers of bungee jumping."

Bertram "got really into the sixties and no one ever saw him again." Does this mean that his character will not be in the TV series? Or maybe his return to the group will be a major plot line for the show. Timmy and Tommy became an architect and a contractor, becoming multi-millionaires after they invented mini malls. Squints married Wendy, had nine kids, and bought a drugstore. Do the nine kids play baseball?

Hamilton became a professional wrestler. Kenny DeNunez played Triple-A baseball, but did not make it to the MLB. He grew up to own his own business and coach his son's little league team. This sounds like something that would be a part of the series reboot. Benny ended up finding Major League Baseball success as a Los Angeles Dodger.

There's a lot in that final sequence of the movie that would make sense to incorporate into a TV show, but no major specifics have been revealed at this point, even though the movie's fans are anxiously waiting for some information. Then again, no one had a problem watching the film on repeat for the past couple decades, so that is a good way to pass the time until more specifics are revealed.

There is actually another Sandlot-associated project in the works as well, but the details are just as vague. Mickey Evans is on board to write and produce a Sandlot prequel movie.

Even though the plot lines and release dates for the prequel movie and The Sandlot TV series are very secretive, that's really just building up buzz for the projects that the fans are bound to love.