Taye Diggs Wants a 'Set It Up' Sequel Almost As Much As You Do


Set It Up was one of the best Netflix movies this summer, and caused a storm of tweets and exclamations that the romantic comedy genre was saved. After a lengthy absence of rom-coms that truly made viewers believe in love, this film came at the perfect time and really delivered. Now, a Set It Up sequel could happen, according to star Taye Diggs, who played Richard "Rick" Otis, aka a boss-from-hell, in the film.

When asked about the possibility of returning for a Set It Up sequel in a recent interview, Diggs was nothing but enthusiastic. “I’m a huge fan of romantic comedies and I’m all for doing more,” he told People. “I’m looking forward to working more with the creators of Set It Up and with Netflix. I had a really, really great time.”

Rick, Diggs' character, was a workaholic and an abrasive boss who made Charlie's (Glen Powell) life a living hell with his crazy schedules and demands. When Charlie and Harper (Zoey Deutch) plan to set him with her boss Kirsten (Lucy Liu), things seem to go well. At least until they don't. When audiences last saw all the characters, Rick was desperate to reunite with his ex wife, and also down a personal assistant. In other words: there's plenty more that could be discovered about his character and his romantic future.

Overall, Set It Up was met with a great response. Many reviews celebrated the movie for bringing the rom-com genre back with realistic storylines and likable characters. It was self-aware enough to not take itself too seriously while also delivering a genuinely feel-good storyline with two protagonists on equal footing, who fall in love with each other in a sweet way. There is no cliché love-at-first-sight scene or plot, but just a realistic connection that grows between Charlie and Harper.

And of course, after the even bigger success of To All The Boys I've Loved Before, and some big hype over Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, the odds of Netflix pursing sequels to any of their rom-coms that do well is very high, including Set It Up.

Taye Diggs isn't the only person behind Set It Up to endorse the idea of a sequel. Director Claire Scanlon and writer Katie Silberman have already publicly discussed the idea of returning for a follow-up. Scanlon, specifically, said she has many more ideas for Charlie, Harper, and especially Kirsten. "Katie's already come up with the idea. She already has a plan. We were joking about it on set," Scanlon told E! News. "[Katie] was like, 'They go to a wedding! They want to set up their friends at a wedding!' I was like, 'No the sequel should be about Rick and Kirsten!' They're not getting together, but their respective relationships."

Seeing a Lucy Liu-centric rom-com with more of a focus on her character as strong journalist who doesn't put up with any man's nonsense sounds like instant magic. Though, it's unclear how Diggs' character would fit into it. But those decisions are still a ways away. Regardless of what it's about, if everyone's on board, a sequel to Set It Up is bound to be a success.