Noah Centineo & Lana Condor's First Meeting Happened In Such A 'To All The Boys' Way

Much like Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean, To All the Boys I Loved Before stars Noah Centineo and Lana Condor's first meeting was just a little bit awkward. In a new interview with People, Condor revealed that while she and Centineo became fast friends after they were cast, the first time the actors met, the future Lara Jean was reluctant to run lines with the soon-to-be Peter.

Condor told People,

"Actually he tried to approach me during pre-reads. He was like, 'You wanna read lines with me?' And I said, 'No.'"

That's such a Lara Jean move. Thankfully, once the two were formally cast, they quickly bonded, and it's that chemistry that fans are responding to so strongly. "We actually have really wonderful chemistry and we spent so much time with each other out of work," Condor told the magazine. "We went to the hot tub all the time in our apartments and stuff. The transition was super easy to bring to the camera. I'm so blessed to have worked with him — he's an awesome guy."

And yes, hanging out in the hot tub in real life did make that pivotal hot tub scene in the movie way more comfortable to film, according to Condor. It sounds as if the filming experience was a positive one all around, and it was made easier by how much the two leads enjoyed working together in real life.

Centineo and Condor aren't the only actors who bonded on set though. According to Condor, she also became super close with Janel Parrish, who played Lara Jean's big sister, Margot. She and the Pretty Little Liars star are not only still in touch, but they also consider each other sisters in real life now.

When it came to Parrish, Condor had nothing but praise. She told People,

"We talk all the time, we're constantly texting, we call each other sister — she's amazing. She is such a professional and she's been doing this for so long I feel like she's taken me under her wing and given me advice as a new actress."

Peter and Lara Jean's relationship made fans swoon, but the bond between the Covey sisters gave the movie so much heart. That makes the fact that Condor and Parrish are so close feel extra special. In a recent interview with Bustle, Parrish revealed she also loved the Covey sisters' bond best of all. When asked what her favorite part of the filming experience was, she said, "Definitely working with Lana and Anna [Cathcart]... the three of us really did develop a sisterly bond. It was amazing."

Basically, it sounds like the To All the Boys I Loved Before set may have been a bit of lovefest, and that goes with the vibe of the movie so well. As does Condor and Centineo's first meeting. After all, Peter and Lara Jean didn't immediately fall into each other's arms. Their relationship built over time, and it sounds like the same is true for the sweet friendship that developed between the leads in real life.