This Kid Created An "AP Vine Exam" & Now Everyone On Twitter Wants To Take It

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Good news, meme experts: There's now an Advanced Placement (AP) test for Vine (RIP), and the entire internet is ready to ace it thanks to Twitter user @hayleyroettger, who shared a few snaps of the very official-looking test. (To be clear: the test is not an actual AP test, but dang does it look like it.) Roettger's original tweet, which she captioned, "This kid said I'm not vine cultured and I said BET so today he came to class with a full length AP style Vine exam," has since gone majorly viral, with more than 32,000 retweets and more than 100,000 likes.

For the uninitiated, Vine was a video service owned by Twitter through which users could post microvideos no longer than six seconds. Twitter announced in 2016 that it was closing down the Vine mobile app, but the Vine browser site is still viewable, giving us continued access to meme-ready pop culture masterpieces like "These bugs was following me so I just told my mom," "who is she," and "When she say she got a cute friend for you."

And judging by the look of the test Roettger's friend gave her, she's going to have to do some brushing up in the Vine archives, because whoever wrote this test is serious. Roettger's photos of the test reveal a true breadth of AP-style question formats, including a free response question that asks, "Briefly explain how the vine [sic], 'This is how I kiss doggies,' emulates popular culture in the United States. Please analyze its positive and negative effects."

Visible multiple choice photos include filling in the most well-known lines from viral Vines. One question reads, "'I Smell [sic] like ____" with potential answers including, "cheese," "a foot fetish," "the inside of a Mormon cult house," and of course the correct answer, "beef."

Twitter is clearly reveling in the nostalgic return to meme heyday.

Some are seeing a new degree coming down the pipeline.

Others are seeing a potential career.

Some are giving kudos to the exam's creator.

And one Twitter user, @IamKurinKassen, is stirring up excitement with their claim.

There's no guarantee that @IamKurinKassen is actually the creator of the exam and/or actually plans on distributing it, but the user has responded to several replies on Roettger's tweet claiming that the exam will be released soon, so hopeful denizens of the internet may want to dust off their Vine know-how.

But even if the exam doesn't appear to be an actual thing in real life you can take, those who are basking in Vine's return to glory still have something to look forward to: Details about a service called "v2" are finally beginning to emerge. Users got a very cryptic v2 hint in December, when Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann vague-tweeted a simple "v2" laid out on a green background, very similarly to the original Vine logo and layout. But now we know that v2 will offer users the ability to post videos ranging from two to 6.5 seconds long, which will "smoothly loop over and over," according to TechCrunch.

If that makes v2 sound like Vine 2.0, well... it's not, at least according to Hofmann, who, in a community post on v2's website, said, "Because some of our team founded and worked on Vine, it’s reasonable to assume that there might be a formal connection, but there isn’t one. To be clear, Vine is owned by Twitter and is not associated with v2."

Jury's still out if this AP-style Vine test will be available on the 'net for you to take anytime soon, but for now, I'm imagining we'd all get pretty easy fives.