This Video Of A Rat Carrying An Avocado Down A Subway Track Is The Most Relatable Thing About 2017

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Remember Pizza Rat? It feels like it's been a century since the video of a rat carrying a pizza slice through a New York City subway station went viral. Tragically, it ended up being revealed as a hoax because nothing is good in the world. But now, we have something even better: Avocado Rat. A video of a rat carrying an avocado through the streets of New York City is going viral thanks to documentary maker Jessica Edwards, who was gracious enough to capture this very important moment and share it on Instagram on Nov. 14, where it has captured the entire internet's attention.

Avocado Rat is all of us. When he goes to Chipotle, he doesn't care if guac costs extra. He'll never be able to afford a home because of his avocado love, but he's okay with that, because it's actually his student loans that are keeping him down. I laughed at this video, but then immediately named Avocado Rat 2017's official mascot. This year has been a complete disaster for a lot of us — remember when we thought 2017 would be a refreshing upgrade from 2016? It's November, and my life is still in shambles. When I look at Avocado Rat, I'm like, "Same."

In an awful twist, avocado skin — which our friend can be seen carrying down the subway tracks — is apparently toxic to rats. According to, avocados should be given to rats "with caution."

Avocados are high in fat and are a good treat to feed rats that need to gain weight quickly (make sure the fruit is ripe). However, the pit, rind, skin and leaves of avocados are toxic. The part of the fruit in contact with the pit has a higher concentration of toxins.

Is Avocado Rat now dead because of his dedication to everyone's favorite fruit? Maybe. Was it worth it? I guessed you'd have to find a way to ask him. It's 2017, so nothing good happens ever, but I do hope everyone's favorite rodent survived. In a surprise to no one, Twitter is obsessed with Avocado Rat.

There is a conspiracy theory brewing where some people think that Avocado Rat is actually carrying a lime. This is a story filled with plot twists, suspense and tragedy. Lifetime Movie Network, I have a movie idea for you.

I don't consider myself an avocado expert, but I really don't think this is a lime. At this point, nothing would surprise me, but it clearly looks like an avocado. I have to admit that I did briefly doubt my judgment after reading lime-related takes. Is Avocado Rat actually slightly-less-funny Lime Rat? You be the judge, but if you find out that it's a lime, please don't ruin things by telling me.

Meanwhile, Edwards is taking the media frenzy over her rat video in stride. On Nov. 15, she posted a screenshot of an article about Avocado Rat and said, "#avocadorat better get an agent. Book and film rights are worth a fortune." Included among her hashtags: #DeclineOfWesternCivilization. The fact that we're all obsessing over a rat carrying food scraps likely found in a trash pile may make her point.

Additionally, someone predicted we'd all be freaking out about this back in May, roughly six months before the video went viral. Everything about this story is ridiculous, and I love it more than I thought possible.

I still have so many unanswered questions. Is it even an avocado? Is the rat now dead because it was poisoned? Is this going to be another hoax like Pizza Rat? But I'm mainly just happy to be alive in the year of our Lord 2017 to witness this. Anything can happen on the Internet, and for that, I am grateful. Thank you, Avocado Rat, for making my day so much better.