A Woman Proposed To Her Boyfriend With A Bouquet Of Doritos & Just Became Everyone's New #Goals

This is probably the 800th time this year I've threatened to move to Canada, but this is the instance I have meant it the most. A woman proposed to her boyfriend with a bouquet of Doritos, and if that doesn't warm your Spicy Nacho heart, then I don't know what will. Amanda Mussio, the mastermind behind this cheesy plan, didn't just propose to Brandon Haubrich in style, but let everyone else in on the fun, too — this epic proposal took place in the middle of a Vancouver Canucks game on March 16, and might just be the most Canadian thing to ever happen.

Mussio explained in an interview before the proposal that she and Haubrich met at work, where she was his manager. After merging their two work softball teams, the pair got to know each other better, and started to date. Cut to the cutest (and literal ~cheesiest~) proposal of all time, which Mussio planned to a tee.

First, Haubrich was brought up to play a puck shuffle game, where he had to guess which shuffle a prize was under (if you've ever played this game, you know it's no easy feat). But rather than revealing a prize when the puck was lifted up, it revealed four words: "Will you marry me?"

It took Haubrich a hot second to figure out what was happening when he turned to see Mussio on bended knee with the Doritos, and when he did catch up, it was precious AF. He said yes, and the stadium erupted into cheers. And honestly, even if they weren't #CoupleGoals, who wouldn't cheer for this epic bouquet?

Vancouver Canucks/Twitter

Let's pretend I'm crying because that seems a lot more socially acceptable than drooling all over my desk.

"A woman proposing to a man — you never know what to do, right?" said Mussio, explaining the bold Doritos bouquet choice. "You can't get them a big, bling-y ring, you know, and you want it to be a little bit different anyways, since you're not following the traditional method of proposal."

That being said, if this doesn't become the traditional method of proposal, then I want my money back on this whole adulthood thing.

Vancouver Canucks/Twitter

May these two have a crunchy, delicious life together, and may the giant three-tiered Doritos-dusted wedding cake I hope they have be as majestic and perfect as this.