Aaliyah Rose Made A Statement On 'The Voice'

by Allie Gemmill
Tyler Golden/NBC

One of the youngest contestants on Season 12 of The Voice announced herself as the most confident during Monday night's episode. Officially commencing the Playoffs round of the competition, The Voice's Aaliyah Rose chose a Playoffs song that not only reflected the confidence she has in herself, but acted as a kiss-off to the internet trolls she regularly hears from in the comments section of her Youtube channel. This young woman took no prisoners on Monday and made one of the strongest personal statements of the evening with her song choice.

For her Playoffs song, coach Blake Shelton told Rose in rehearsals that she would be singing "Brass In Pocket" by The Pretenders. The song, anchored by lead singer Chrissie Hynde's powerful and actually brassy inflections in the original version, has made the song a sweet and sassy anthem for women who feel confident enough to attract what they want in life. For Rose, it was not only her job to update the song, but to bring her own vocal panache, too.

In rehearsals, she took to the song like a fish to water. Rose immediately connected with the song's message of confidence and began projecting that vibe right into her rehearsal performances. At one point, she told Shelton that this song reminded her of all the times she has had to deal with trolls and negative comments on her popular Youtube channel. Shelton sympathized with her and encouraged her to use that emotional reaction to those trolls as well in her performance.

Going into the performance, Rose made it clear that she wanted this song to make everyone listening feel like "they're special in their own way." That feeling of specialness began with Rose and boy, oh boy, did she get it right. Using the stage to spread that swagger and really leaning into the lyrics as a way to express her confidence, Rose became a top contender in that moment.

She may not have made it to the final 12, but Rose definitely made a lasting impression with her version of "Brass In Pocket."