Aaron Carpenter Is One Of 'Chasing Cameron's Biggest, Most Talented Stars

Vassi Dyulgerova/Netflix

Turning a six-second video into an entire career seems like a dream come true, but that's exactly what's happening to the next generation of celebrities. Savvy social media stars are making their living through their posts online, and Netflix's new original reality series Chasing Cameron will follow Vine superstar Cameron Dallas as he tours Europe for MagCon (a meet-and-greet convention). Fans will see his life and his inner circle, which includes fellow social media celebrities like Aaron Carpenter.

If you are like me (aka slightly out of touch at times), you may also just now be finding out about many of these famous internet personalities. But once you learn more about them — either by looking further into their social media or watching Chasing Cameron — you'll start to understand how it has become such a lucrative way to make a living and find fame for a select few individuals. They work hard and actually entertain their fans. Aaron Carpenter is another Vine superstar, like Dallas, and he grew his following by posting short, sometimes hilarious videos featuring his life and his amazing musical abilities. So before you see him take on MagCon with Dallas, here's what you should know about Carpenter.

He Is Super Talented

Aaron Carpenter on YouTube

This guy can seriously sing and is in the process of learning to play the guitar. Carpenter usually announces his new singles on his Vine page and you should certainly check them out, because his songs and cover are a perfect addition to any playlist.

He Is Part Of An Elite Squad

Hey, not everyone with a Vine following gets to be part of MagCon or Chasing Cameron, so Carpenter stands out from many of his fellow online celebrities.

He Has A Huge Following

Even if you hadn't heard of him before, Carpenter is a big deal. He posted a photo on Instagram that showed him being mobbed by a pack of fans in Barcelona, and the above video shows fans going crazy for him at a show in New Zealand. Oh, he also has 3.9 million Instagram followers, over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, and 2.7 million Twitter followers.

He Hasn't Forgotten His Roots

Carpenter still shows his love for his sister (above) and mom on social media, and it's nice to see that despite his fame, he still cares about family.

There's surely more to learn about Carpenter and his superstar friends in Chasing Cameron.