ABC Is Interested In More Shonda Rhimes Shows & Let's Be Real, So Are We All


If there's one person responsible for changing the television landscape over the last decade, it's Shonda Rhimes. Not only is she responsible for everyone's favorite night of the week, TGIT on ABC, but she's also consistently developing new and exciting characters that fans have fallen in love with all over the world. With Grey's Anatomy in Season 13 and Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder still going strong, it seems as though there's no stopping Shondaland right now. So will there be any new Shondaland shows in 2017? If it's up to the network ABC, the answer is definitely yes.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to Channing Dungey, who became President of ABC Entertainment in Feb. 2016. When asked if there were any new Shondaland shows in development in 2017, Dungey said, "I will take as much from Shonda as she is willing to give, believe you me."

It's no surprise that Dungey is as big a Shondaland fan as the rest of us, especially as she helped to develop Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Private Practice. While the network is clearly open to the idea of any new content from Rhimes, how likely is it that Shondaland will create a new series in 2017? Do they have any projects in the pipeline?

Shondaland is bringing us their take on Romeo & Juliet in 2017, in the form of Still Star-Crossed. Alongside the new show, Season 2 of The Catch returns in 2017, with a very exciting Shondaland alum joining the cast. It was announced back in July 2016 that T. R. Knight is joining The Catch, which Rhimes herself described as "a thrilling secret to keep! One of my favorite family members is home!" As Grey's Anatomy fans will know, Knight played the lovable George O'Malley in the first five seasons of the show, and his appearance on The Catch is likely to draw an audience.

It was also announced in Dec. 2016 that Rhimes is teaching a course for aspiring television writers. Writing For Television, on the website, gives participants an insight into the prolific writer and producer's world, including exclusive access to "Shonda’s story bibles, pilot scripts and Grey’s Anatomy pitch notes." Sign me up immediately.

It's exciting to hear that ABC is invested in Shondaland for the foreseeable future, and will continue to partner with Rhimes's company to make entertainment that the world loves.