According To Reviewers, These 31 Products Are The Best Bargains On Amazon


It's always amazing to find a good bargain online, especially when you're shopping on a tight budget. But on Amazon, the excitement you feel over finding a good deal is somehow even greater, because while your dollars stretch, you get to sit back and wait for your order to arrive. And, because some of the best bargains on Amazon are also the most highly-rated products by reviewers, it feels even more special to click that 'add to cart' button.

Reviewers on Amazon are notoriously eager to voice their love for (or conversely, absolute disappointment in) products that actually do what they claim to do. From microfiber towels that can scrub away everything with just a little water to comfy wraps that cushion your neck while you sleep, the most-loved items on Amazon can vary in terms of function and design, but one thing's for sure: the cheaper they are, the better.

With that in mind, I've culled this list of the most popular products on Amazon that are truly satisfying deals. Whether you're looking for a way to brighten up your vanity table or for tools to fill out an emergency kit, this roundup of bargain buys has a little something for everyone.

by Shayna Murphy

1. These Reusable Towels That Can Clean Anything With Just Water

Life Miracle Nano Towels, $25 (4 Pack), Amazon

Nothing is too dirty for these mighty cleansing towels, which can easily clean virtually any mess with just water. From spills to dirt and dust, these towels wipe away everything with no additional chemicals needed — you can even use them to get rid of stains on delicate materials. And while these towels might be a bit of an upfront cost, they'll save you from having to replace your roll of paper towels every week. That's an eco-friendly bargain that you (and the planet) will appreciate long-term.


2. An Exfoliant That's Safe To Use On Extra-Dry, Sensitive Skin

Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel, $10, Amazon

More than 1,800 reviewers give this peeling gel high marks on Amazon because its incredibly cheap (but ultra potent) solution gets rid of blackheads and dead skin quickly. At just a fraction of the cost of name-brand facial peels, this skin-care miracle-worker will leave your face feeling fresh, clean and free of dead skin particles. One fan gushes that this is a "high quality product for less than half the price at retail stores." And because it's made with Dead Sea minerals and zero harsh chemicals, this peel is safe on even the most sensitive skin types.


3. These Fleece Sweeper Pads For Mops That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

Xanitize Fleece Sweeper Mop Refills, $16 (Pack of 5), Amazon

When it comes to cleaning supplies, investing in reusable options like these fleece sweeper pads will save you money in perpetuity. These fleece pads slip easily onto your Swiffer, ReadyMop, or other cleaning device and quickly wipe up grime and dirt from your hardwood or tile floors. And with tons of five-star reviews, this eco-friendly buy will work wonders in your home. One fan praises the pads saying, "I have thrown less junk into the landfill AND I have saved money, while still having a clean house :) win, win, win!"


4. A Facial Cleansing Brush That's Cheap But Super Effective

LAVO Giro Face Cleansing Brush, $28, Amazon

Get rid of dirt and other impurities with this waterproof cleansing brush, that is highly-effective at exfoliating skin and preventing breakouts. At just $28, this facial brush is half the price of name-brand alternatives, and comes with all the features you'd find in pricier options. Its brush heads even spin 420 times per minute to remove blackheads, treat acne scars, correct dark spots, and reduce the look of pores. With thick and penetrative bristles that clean out your pores without damaging your skin, this brush is a fantastic alternative to leading brushes that won't break the bank.


5. This Luxurious Silk Pillow That's Actually Great For Your Hair And Skin

Sunflower Silk Pillow Case, $9 (Standard Size), Amazon

Silk pillowcases like this one from Sunflower might seem like a silly extravagance, especially if you already have cotton pillowcases. But the truth is that, at just $9, this pillowcase is a steal. And silk pillowcases are seriously beneficial, not only to the look of your bedroom, but to the overall health of your hair and skin. Because silk pillowcases don't absorb the natural oils that your scalp and skin produce at night, they won't clog your pores or cause breakouts the way cotton pillowcases do. For the price, this bedroom staple is a true bargain that will leave your room looking luxe AF, and your skin and hair looking healthier than ever.


6. A Hair Treatment That Repairs Damaged, Dried-Out, And Over-Processed Hair

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Repairing Treatment, $28 (3.3. oz), Amazon

If your hair is bleached or fried from over-processing, this repairing treatment is just for you. It restores softness and sheen to hair after just a few uses, while also relinking the broken bonds in every type of hair to provide real structural repair and counteract the effects of damage. While you could spend money on salon appointments to treat your dried-out hair follicles, this at-home repairing treatment will do the job without costing you a lot. And Amazon reviewers say that this product retails for way more money at their local salons.


7. This Cozy Wrap That'll Support Your Neck Just Like A Pillow

Trtl Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Compact and lightweight, this innovative wrap works just like a pillow to offer customizable support for your neck, so you can relax and rest no matter where you are. Made to fit all neck sizes and lengths, this soft and sturdy wrap adjusts to fit your body perfectly and is half the size of a standard travel pillow. Best of all, it has been vetted by thousands of reviewers. Fans of this neck wrap say it has transformed the way they travel and snooze.


8. An At-Home Nail Polish Dryer For Times When You're In A Hurry

SUNUVUV Nail Dryer, $18, Amazon

This all-in-one nail dryer will give a salon finish to your at-home manicure. Designed with dual UV and LED light, this nail dryer works twice as fast as traditional dryers, so that your polish dries quickly letting you can get on with your day. And, because this dryer uses white light, your hands and eyes will stay protected no matter how many times you use it. It's also adjustable and features two different time settings, so you can use it for all your at-home nail needs. You'll never have to pay for another costly manicure or pedicure again!


9. This Personal Blender That's Like The O.G. Of The Blender Market

NutriBullet 12-Piece High Speed Mixer, $56, Amazon

When it comes to personal blenders, it's hard to find one as reliable and affordable as this NutriBullet. With a trusted name and more than 7,000 good reviews on Amazon, this is one purchase where you'll definitely get your money's worth. It comes with a 600-watt motor and can blend everything from ice to fruits and vegetables with ease. You also get two different blades, sealable lids, a nutrition guide with recipe ideas, and a range of travel cup sizes when you buy this.


10. A Set Of Hypoallergenic Sheets That Are Perfect For Sensitive Sleepers

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set, $25-$33 (Twin-California King), Amazon

Rest easy and wake up each morning feeling energized with these silky-soft sheets that are a great addition to any home. Hypoallergenic and wrinkle resistant, these sheets are made with brushed microfiber that feels soft and smooth to the touch. Available in a range of sizes and colors, this four-piece set can fit mattresses up to 16-inches deep and will make your bed that much more comfier, giving you the absolute best night's sleep.


11. This Bath Mat That Will Prevent You From Slipping Or Falling In The Shower

Gorilla Grip The Original Shower Mat, $14, Amazon

Chances are you don't want to spend a ton of time thinking about your bath mat before you buy it. After all, it's functional, not fun to shop for. But this bath mat is a serious game-changer that you'll absolutely love having in your bathroom. The reason? Once you buy this, you won't have to pay money to replace it for a long time. Unlike inferior mats that can slip and slide around the bottom of a tub or get mildewed fast, this mat from Gorilla Grip is mildew-resistant and stays locked down to the floor of your shower or tub, so you won't ever have to worry about a suds-induced slip or fall.


12. A Sunrise-Simulating Alarm Clock For Easier Mornings

Vansky Sunrise Alarm Clock, $28, Amazon

Since waking up is hard enough as it is, having an alarm clock like this one from Vansky can provide just the little extra pick-me-up that you need in the mornings. That's because it features a light that simulates the sun, and is designed to wake you up by gradually increasing the light in your room. You can say goodbye to jolting out of bed when your old alarm clocks sounded. And while top-of-the-line sunrise alarm clocks can cost you over $100, this affordable alternative has all of the bells and whistles you'll need. It even features a convenient snooze function, in case you consider your pre-set wake-up time as more of a light suggestion.


13. This Phone Mount For Hands-Free Navigation While You're Driving

AUKEY Car Phone Mount, $8, Amazon

Need to keep your eyes on the road, but stuck following a GPS so you don't get lost? This mount for your smartphone is specifically designed for car use and comes with four powerful magnets, which securely hold your phone or GPS device in place through the air vent in your dashboard. Made to fit most horizontal and vertical air vents that are on the road today, this tool comes with attachments so that it can fit almost any device size, as well. For just $8, you'll get more than your money's worth from this durable and handy car accessory.


14. A Miraculous Oil That'll Rejuvenate Skin And Is Safe On Sensitive Skin

Slice of Nature Virgin Marula Oil, $17 (4 oz), Amazon

Harvested from wild fruits fallen from trees, this 100-percent pure marula oil is the perfect choice if you're looking to protect and nourish skin. Enriched with fatty acids that fight dehydration and deliver moisture to your hair and skin, this oil acts as an antioxidant serum that limits the effects of free radicals that can damage skin and hair. It's also chemical-free, so this oil is an awesome bargain for anyone that has sensitive skin.


15. This Rock Salt Deodorant That You Can Rub All Over To Control Sweat

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick, $8, Amazon

This mineral salt deodorant isn't your normal drugstore deodorant. It actually works to prevent odor without masking it or plugging up pores with harsh chemicals. It's a safe, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free alternative for anyone who wants to wear deodorant, but is wary of potentially harmful chemicals. And, because the stone itself is shaped to fit inside a deodorant stick, it's more convenient to use than the pure rock form you can also get it in. Best of all, thousands of reviewers say that it's the best deodorant they've ever used.


16. A Cocktail Shaker Set That'll Make You Feel Like A Pro

NAUZone Professional Cocktail Shaker Set, $25 (Set of 12), Amazon

You don't have to be a trained bartender to make a delicious mixed drink – all you need is this 12-piece cocktail set, which has everything you need to create your favorite cocktails at a very affordable price. This includes a 30-ounce shaker, plus a bottle opener, stirrer, jigger, and more. These pieces are also highly-durable and built to last, meaning you'll get more for the money from this set than other options on the market.


17. This Blow Dryer For Sleek, Smooth Hair Every Time

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer, $17, Amazon

Most hair dryers will leave your hair looking flat and feeling zapped, but with this tourmaline ionic blow dryer from Revlon, you can quickly dry your hair without putting the health of your hair at risk. This tool is coated with ceramic, which means it'll cause less damage to your hair that other hair dryers you'll come across. And with multiple heat and speed settings, plus a cool shot button, you'll be able to dry your hair exactly the way you like. You also get a concentrator and diffuser with this, which is an especially awesome feature if you've got curly hair.


18. A Great Aromatherapy Starter Kit For Relaxing And Unwinding

Wasserstein Aromatherapy Oil Set, $12 (Set of 6), Amazon

When you need to relax, unwind, or just hit the reset button and take a little you time, this set of essential oils is just what the doctor ordered. This set is the ultimate starter kit for anyone looking to reap the benefits of aromatherapy for the first time. And, for just $12, you can get try out six different essential oils to discover which one you like the best, without hurting your wallet. This set includes lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, and more.


19. This Super-Useful And Economical Cookware Set That'll Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Vremi Nonstick Cookware Set, $61 (Set of 15), Amazon

Just because you're looking for a reliable and sturdy set of cookware doesn't mean you need to stretch your budget. This affordable set from Vremi is incredibly resilient and has a nearly perfect five-star rating on Amazon. It comes with 15 pieces, including four nonstick pots, four glass lids, and two nonstick frying pans. Each set also includes five BPA-free and heat-resistant utensils, making this the perfect set for anyone who needs to replace their kitchenware without spending a lot of cash.


20. A Way To Cook Your Favorite Foods With Little To No Oil

GoWISE Dial Control Air Fryer, $59 (3.7 Quart), Amazon

Using rapid air technology, this air fryer makes it easy to cook your favorite foods without wasting an excessive amount of oil. This model comes with its own cookbook and simple dial controls that allow you cook meals up to 30 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The detachable basket built into this fryer also helps transport hot food to plates, so you won't have to worry about spilling or burning your hand. "Great! This air fryer is cheaper than most and gets the job done I’m in love with it," one reviewer wrote.


21. This Phone Repair Kit That Can Save You A Costly Trip To Your Phone Store

AmazonBasics Smartphone Repair Kit, $10, Amazon

Broken smartphones can be super expensive to fix, but with this repair kit, you can fix minor issues and save yourself a trip to your phone provider's store in the process. This kit comes with a precision screwdriver, two mini pry bars, a SIM-card ejector, and everything else you'll need to make minor repairs to your smartphone. Reviewers also love that this repair kit works on broken wristwatches, eyeglasses, and game systems, as well.


22. A Set Of Flexible, Textured Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen

Cooler Kitchen Cutting Boards, $15 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Cutting boards are one of those kitchen essentials that it always pays to have more of. But you don't want to buy just any thin, flimsy plastic board. Instead, you want textured boards like this colorful pack, which are thick and sturdy but still flexible. And with four in this pack, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck with this purchase. Resistant to odors and naturally nonstick, these boards won't slip around on countertops so you'll never have to risk a dangerous kitchen injury again.


23. This WiFi Extender That's Great When You Need To Boost Your Signal

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender, $29, Amazon

Share WiFi throughout your home and eliminate dead zones completely with this WiFi range extender, which boosts the range of your existing WiFi and creates a stronger signal in hard-to-reach areas. For just $29, this WiFi extender can even improve your mobile speeds by 100 percent (yes, you read that right!). You can also monitor signal strength remotely via an app, so you have full control over your WiFi experience no matter where you are.


24. A Powerful Charcoal Powder That'll Whiten Teeth Naturally

Active Wow Charcoal Powder, $20, Amazon

This charcoal powder is all-natural and free of chemicals, making it the perfect teeth whitener to use if you have sensitive teeth. Made with bentonite, activated charcoal, and sweetened to taste like coconut, this formula features active ingredients that work together to absorb stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth. But don't just take our word for it. This charcoal powder has over 13,000 five-star reviews that say it's a fantastic purchase that can deliver results after just one use. And this powder even removes plaque from your teeth without irritating your gums like other teeth whitening products might. Winning.


25. This Set Of Knives That'll Make You Feel Like A Food Network Star

Stone Boomer Knife Set, $40, Amazon

This 14-pice knife set will give you the cooking confidence you need to tackle even the most difficult recipe in your cookbook — all for only 40 bucks. That breaks down to less than $3 per knife, and as anyone who's recently shopped for knives knows, thats a total steel. But they are not just cheap, they are high quality too. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these knives are easy to handle and maintain, feature tapered handles to give you maximum control, and come with a nice acrylic block that'll look stylish in any kitchen.


26. A Tactical Flashlight That'll Literally Change Your Life

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight, $19, Amazon

With the power to focus on objects up to 1,000 feet away, these ultra-bright flashlights are a serious bargain on Amazon. Battery-operated and compact, these flashlights can go with you anywhere, from the deep, dark depths of your scary basement, to an outdoor camping adventure. They even offer adjustable focus and up to five different power settings. Whether you're a hiker or a couch potato, these flashlights will be a handy tool to have nearby.


27. These Bluetooth Headphones That Work Just As Well As The $100 Ones You've Been Eyeing

Otium Bluetooth Headphones, $20, Amazon

These state-of-the-art Bluetooth headphones are designed to be resilient and work well when you're headed out for a long run or gym workout. If you've been mulling over the idea of purchasing $100+ name-brand wireless headphones, you need this highly-rated alternative in your life. Good for up to eight hours of playback without needing to be recharged, these comfortable headphones have great sound quality, easy-to-use playback buttons, and a built-in microphone so you can answer phone calls from them, as well.


28. This Beauty Dupe Lactic Acid That'll Do Wonders For Your Skin

[The Ordinary Lactic Acid, $18, Amazon

This alpha hydroxyl acid is a gentle exfoliant that is a quality beauty dupe for the ultra-expensive lactic acids beauty lovers have been hyping. Formulated with pepperberry to eliminate the look of redness on the surface of your skin, this highly-effective treatment helps reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity as you use it. "LIFE CHANGING," one reviewer wrote. "I have really bad acne scars and after ONE use, this faded them. I cannot believe the results."


29. A Smart Plug That You Can Use To Beef Up Your Home Security

Teckin Smart Plug Wifi Outlet, $20, Amazon

The future is here, and it only costs $20. This smart plug will turn your home into a high-tech smart house by allowing you to control your lights and outlets remotely via an app, or your Alexa or Google Assistant. With this device, you can even set a scheduled timer to power electronics off and on at different intervals, which comes in handy for home security purposes. With 4.8 stars on Amazon, this popular and cutting-edge outlet is the home item you didn't know you needed.


30. A Serum That'll Make Your Eyelashes Look Thicker And Fuller

Majestic Pure Eyelash Serum, $13, Amazon

Get radiant, thicker, and fuller-looking lashes with this serum made with organic, cold-pressed castor oil. Formulated with omega-6 essential acids, plus vitamin E and other minerals, this castor oil serum provides a much-needed dose of nutrition to your eyelash hair follicles. One reviewer says that after years of trying tons of eyelash- and eyebrow-growing products, "It is Magic. I HAVE EYE BROWS." And this serum delivers quick results. Users say they started to see their lashes grow longer and thicker in as little as two weeks.


31. This Trifold Lighted Magnifying Mirror That Will Transform Your Makeup Routine

Easehold LED Vanity Mirror, $20, Amazon

You'll get three mirrors in one with this LED vanity mirror, which comes with multiple panels for wide-angle viewing that will help you see your skin up close and personal when you apply your makeup. This tri-fold design folds out easily, and features 21 built-in LED lights that are touch-activated, so you'll always be able to see your makeup masterpiece, even in dark or poorly lit areas.

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