These Sneakers Are Puke & Beer Repellent Which Is Gross But Useful

Being in a locale where you may get puked on isn't ideal, but it definitely is a real possibility. From downtown bars to festivals, certain venues and events can be puke prone. But Adidas' puke and beer repellent sneakers are here to help you — and your feet — survive those moments.

What inspired these oddly specific kicks? Oktoberfest, of course.

According to Cool Material, the shoes are the Adidas München, and the sneaks were created with the Oktoberfest event in mind. Because why not make a shoe for the biggest beer festival ever? Made from repellent materials like leather and covered in a material called DPBR — or Durable Puke & Beer Repellent, the kicks are basically going to make sure that you don't spend half your day thinking about why your socks feel wet inside your sneaker.

With the Adidas' DPBR sneaker, you can roam the festival free from the fear that someone may upchuck on your new kicks. The best part, though? The München sneaker is actually really cute.

While it'd be understandable to assume that such a gnarly idea for a shoe couldn't possible be cute, you'd still be wrong. These sneakers actually host a classic design that, according to Hello Giggles, is akin to lederhosen.

adidas Munchen, $240, 43

While the shoes are made in Germany, never fear. You, too, can be puke-and-beer proof thanks to Adidas. The shoes ship internationally, and they'll run you (I couldn't resist that pun) $240.

Social media users quickly latched on to the shoes appreciating both the ingenuity behind the sneaker and the design itself.

Others just really want to get their hands on them.

Since they are kind of a collector's item, who can blame them?

If you're a festival-going, beer-loving person, the new beer-and-puke proof Adidas may just be your jam. Time to lace them up, grab your mug, and find your new favorite brew.