Aesha From 'Below Deck Med' Swears Her Work Is "Impeccable" — But Will Hannah Think So?

Greg Endries/Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean is in a new place this season (the south of France) and the crew is filled with some new members as well. Aesha is new to Below Deck Mediterranean, but she's not new to the yachting world. According to her Bravo bio, she's been in the business for four years. She started out as a deckhand and later moved to the interior. On Below Deck, she's Second Stew, and while she brings a sense of professionalism to her work, her sense of humor is a little more immature. As Aesha herself put it during the premiere, "I've got the work ethic of someone who's in their 30s, the body of someone in their 20s, and the mind of a boy going through puberty."

That last part might be because Aesha grew up with four brothers. Her bio says, "Aesha was raised to be loud and gregarious with a bawdy sense of humor and always down to have fun." She took that bawdy side with her to Below Deck, where she can be seen in the premiere asking a fellow crewmate what her boyfriend's "ding dong" is like.

She also teased her sense of humor in an Instagram post promoting the show's premiere. "GUUUUUYZZZZ! IT’S TONIGHT!! If you want to see me be the loose unit, gutter-humoured, hyperactive happy [person] that I am, this series is for you!" she wrote in the caption. She added in another Instagram post, "Filming this show was easily the most fun thing I've ever done."

Greg Endries/Bravo

It may have been fun, but Aesha still seems to take her yacht crew work seriously. Her bio says the New Zealander initially never considered that she could do this kind of work, but once her adventurous spirit found it, she basically never looked back. Now, "she prefers working with guests and prides herself on always doing an impeccable job," according to her bio.

And, it makes total sense that Aesha prefers a life at sea. Her Instagram is mostly the big three Bs: boats, beaches, and bikinis. Her job also allows her to travel to picturesque places. Here she is in Italy in 2017 during a yacht season.

And here she is, pictured with her 2017 yacht crew, way before Below Deck became a thing for her. She posted this to reveal the news that she'd quit this particular crew after over a year of work. "God, what a job it was!!!," she wrote in the caption. "It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made leaving you guys, my ocean family. Thank you to every one of you so so much for all the laughs and the support through the busy times, and drinks through the fun times."

Now Aesha has a new crew to get her through the good times and the bad, and it's all captured on Bravo for our entertainment. Hopefully, she won't mind Hannah bossing her around too much. Although something about her sense of humor and experience tells me they actually might get along this yachting season. Only time will tell.