Affordable Father's Day Gift Ideas For The New Dad

While new moms get a ton of the credit (y'know, she gave birth) there's something very precious about fatherhood. For Father's Day, some of the best gift ideas for the new dad are gifts that'll help him save a little extra time. Taking care of a newborn is a full-time job in itself, and chances are, he's probably learned how valuable that hour of quiet time is.

This year, Father's Day falls on Jun. 18. That means it's right in the middle of perfect picnic weather. If you're around the newborn in question, there's a chance that quiet little activities like this have somewhat become your norm. That's just another reason for your gift to truly shine. Yes, it should be something that he's interested in, but it should also be something fun and useful down the road, as well. So, grabbing him tickets to a concert as a chance to relax for a night? Good. Something that mixes fatherhood with something he loves? Very good. A standard, boring new diaper genie? Eh — not the occasion.

If you're still looking for a little bit of inspiration on what to get the guy in your life that's a pro with the 3 a.m. diaper change, look no further. Here are some of the best things to pick up for the brand new dad.


A Toiletry Bag

Men's Toiletry Bag, $25, Heifer International

Dad-brain is a very real thing. If your new dad isn't staying at home, he'll need a way to keep all of his morning essentials in place. This cute gift, which is actually handmade in Guatemala, will save him a lot of time. He'll never have to worry about where his razor or grooming scissors went. (And it'll also save a ton of counter space.)


A Pressure Cooker

BELLA 6QT Pressure Cooker, $79.99, Target and other retailers

If your guy is the chef in the family, this pressure cooker from Bella will be an absolute lifesaver. It'll be able to cook higher quantities of food (which the whole family can freeze and eat later) and it'll flawlessly replace some of the other appliances that are currently taking up space. When you have a baby, space and simplicity are key.


Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra, $69, Target

If your guy is technologically inclined, he'll absolutely love this gift. With Chromecast, you'll be able to stream anything on a mobile device right to the television. It's such a cool little option that pretty soon, you'll wonder how you lived without it.


Jogger Pants

Cotton Jogger Pants, $20, Uniqlo

If the guy in your life picks up the "dad shift" right out of the office, he'll love to change into these comfortable pants. These are pretty much the middle ground between sweatpants and full khakis. He won't feel like he looks lazy upon leaving the house, but may just be able to take a nap in them if need be.



Tile, prices vary, The Tile App

Remember what I said about organization? Well, think about the two things that people lose the most — their keys and their wallets. If you get your guy a Tile, he'll be more likely to find these precious items in a house filled with diapers, wipes, and onesies.


A Blender

Crux blender, $50, Macy's

Sure — a blender might not be the most exciting gift in the world. But it's definitely a great idea if your guy is a health nut. This blender from Crux has a 50 oz. pitcher capacity, which means he'll be able to make a ton of smoothies at once. It's hard to fall off your health routine as a new dad, so this will inspire him to continue being a health-conscious influence to his little one.


Beer Tasting Glass Set

13-Piece Beer Tasting Set, $30, UncommonGoods

Your new dad needs something to help him chill — especially if his baby falls into the "colicky" category. This beer tasting set might just inspire him to discover a few new brews, while celebrating a job well done.


"Be Prepared" Book

"Be Prepared," $10-$15, Amazon

If the new dad you're celebrating has a good sense of humor, and if his baby is super brand new (or, still hanging out in mom's belly) this book is definitely a must-have. Just note that since it was written in 2004, a few parts are outdated. For example, there's a lot of mentions of digital cameras.


Magnetic Hourglass

Magnetic Hourglass, $15, ThinkGeek

One of the hardest things to do as new parents is relax. When it's hard to get a good night of sleep, the act becomes harder and harder. Plus, even with a household with two parents, newborns are hard work. Let him de-stress naturally with this very cool magnetic hourglass. Looking at it can be absolutely hypnotizing.


Haflinger Slippers

Haflinger Slippers, $60+,

Dad is going to be getting up out of bed a lot — especially in those first few months. Whether the baby is being kept in a crib a few rooms down, or a bassinet mere steps away, he deserves a little bit of comfort when he's trying to soothe his newborn. But honestly, based on their solid construction, he might never want to take these off.


Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap, prices vary, Amazon

Mothers have a benefit of "bonding" with their baby through breastfeeding — that is, if that's what they choose to do. For dads, getting close is equally important. With this Moby wrap, he'll be able to wear his newborn around the house while doing other important tasks. Like using his Playstation.


"Parental Unit" Diaper Bag

Tom Bihn "Parental Unit," $145,

The choice of diaper bag shouldn't just be left up to the ladies. Dads also want something that's handy, somewhat fashionable, and doesn't scream "there's a ton of wipes in here."