33 Father's Day Gifts Any Dad Would Love To Receive, So Start Shopping Right Now

Whoever said men are hard to buy for was just overthinking it — so don't stress out about finding great Father's Day gifts! My dad is probably the easiest person in the world to shop for, considering his favorite things are sports, food, and his kids (that's not sexist, it's just my pops). Whether you have a foodie dad, a "funny" dad, or a book-loving dad, there are definitely a lot of gift ideas that any and all dads can get behind — from snazzy tech and swanky accessories to beard maintenance and beer, beer, beer.


24: The Complete Series

Dad might not be a super spy, but he does have to make hard decisions — like whether he should binge watch Jack Bauer, or do something productive.

24: The Complete Series with Live Another Day, $110, Amazon

Beer Soap

If your dad enjoys beer, perhaps he’ll also like smelling like beer — who am I kidding, of course he would!

Beer Soap for Men, $9, Amazon


Upgrade dad’s film setup with a slick new camcorder, so he can continue to document birthdays and graduations and recitals.

Samsung F900 Camcorder, $200, Amazon

Darth Vader Shirt


You could have these engraved with you and a sibling’s birth locations, your dad’s hometown, or other significant places in dad’s life.

Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Cufflinks, $28, Amazon

Wireless Earbuds

These are perfect for working out or hanging out — whatever dad is in to!

Photive PH-BTE50 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, $30, Amazon

Electronic Telescope

Space: The Final Frontier!

Electronic Telescope , $210, Amazon

FitBit Surge

This is the big daddy of FitBits (pun definitely intended).

Fitbit Surge, $240, Amazon

Captain America Shirt

Your dad might not be in The Avengers, but he’s still your hero.

All-Star Dad T-Shirt, $17, Amazon

Rubber iPhone Case

Isn’t the combo of wood and geometric shapes so cool? Your dad will be the envy of all his friends.

iPhone 5 Rubber Case, $10, Amazon

Leather Wallet

A custom leather wallet is always a good Father’s Day gift.

Personalized Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet, $40, Amazon

Ice Bucket

The only thing better than a chic ice bucket is a chic ice bucket that comes with a built-in bottle opener.

Ice Bucket, $35, Amazon

Dollar Shave Club Subscription

My dad shaves almost every day, but even bearded dads would benefit from a subscription to Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club Subscription, Varies, Dollarshaveclub

Beer Garden

Why buy beer when you can grow it? Well, grow the ingredients for beer, at least.

Grow Your Own Beer Garden, $18, Amazon


We all know our fathers have a lot of stories to tell, so give them a lasting outlet.

My Life Story- So Far Journal, $30, Uncommongoods


All the reasons you love your dad probably aren’t going to fit on a card, so gift him the Flatterbox — which lets you personalize each card with a printed or handwritten message.

“I Love You” Collection Flatterbox, $49, Flatterbox

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy

Get your pops pumped for Jurassic World with a Jurassic movie night.

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy, $23, Amazon

Laptop Sleeve

Leather Watch Box

Instead of another watch, get dad a cool place to put all the ones he already has this Father’s Day.

Leather Watch Box, $13, Amazon

Recycled Record Bookends

Help dad relive the glory days of records without having to break out the old turntable.

Recycled Record Bookends- Set of 2, $50, Amazon

Mini Grill

You might not be able to get dad the decked out grill of this dreams, but this mini grill will still do the trick!

14-Inch Portable Grill, $30, Amazon

Dad's Playbook

Even the best father needs a little advice every once in a while.

Dad’s Playbook, $9, Amazon

Superhero Dad Mug

Up, up, and away… to do dad stuff!

Superhero Dad Mug , $10, Amazon

Grill Set

This is everything your father will need for grilling season — besides the meat, of course.

Grill Set , $15, Amazon

On The Rocks Glasses

Literally, shots on the rocks.

On The Rocks Glasses, $30, Uncommongoods

Pizza Phone Case

The only thing your dad loves more than you is probably pizza.

Pizza Slice Pattern Phone Case , $10, Amazon

Electric Shaver

If manual shavers aren’t dad’s thing, I’m sure he would appreciate an electric one.

Philips Norelco Shaver, $40, Amazon


Being a Star Wars fan has never looked so stylish.

Designer Star Wars Watches, $170, Amazon

Tech Speakers

These speakers are great for dad’s desk, garage, or kitchen.

Ultra-Portable Speakers , $20, Amazon

Tree Ring Pen

This pen tells a hell of a story — just like dad!

Tree Ring Pen, $150, Uncommongoods

Digital Photo Frame

With 4GB of memory, you can give dad the gift of all the great photos of you guys.

NIX Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame , $120, Amazon

Whiskey Cubes

Resistance is futile (as if dad would resist, anyway).

Star Trek Borg Cube Whiskey Chillers, $30, Amazon

Business Card Case

Everyone loves seeing pictures of other people’s kids right? (Even if you’re not actually a kid anymore.)

Business Card Case, $35, Pictureitoncanvas