Rachel & Corinne Are Reunited At Last

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Paul Hebert

It's almost time for The Bachelorette. Now that Rachel Lindsay has finished filming, she's reunited with her phone and back to posting on social media. And in news that made me all too happy, these posts include Rachel hanging with her girl Corinne Olympios. They have a bond that I cannot help shipping. I mean, they have to be pretty close since Rachel just finished filming her season and one of the very first people she went to see is Corn.

I couldn't even imagine being Rachel right now. She (most likely) just got engaged, can't tell anyone about it, and probably has 20 thousand missed texts and social media notifications that she needs to attend to. Still, I totally get prioritizing Corinne over everything and everyone. Queens need to stick together.

I wish I was a part of their friend group so I could have been present for that hangout session. Mostly, I just want to know what they were talking about, so I guess I would have settled for being at the table next to theirs at the restaurant and eavesdropping on their conversation.

I'm so pumped for this season that I have been watching all of Rachel's Instagram stories just to tide me over until the actual episodes come on.

Obviously, I was delighted to see Rachel and Corinne back together.

I've never been as happy as Rachel is in an airport in my entire life, but I would probably be jumping up and down and smiling just like her if I just got engaged and I was finally allowed to be in contact with friends and family. I'm also completely reading into this photo as a positive sign of a good season being on the way.

Aside from getting back on social media and hanging with Corinne, Rachel found a new man to spend time with... other than her (possible) new boyfriend/fiancé. Rachel has a new nephew! I'm sure hanging with him will be a good way to pass the time until she can be seen in public with her winner.

It seems like it's always been great to be Rachel Lindsay, but that seems especially true these days. From probably being engaged, to becoming an aunt, to staying in touch with Corinne, Rachel is really living it up right now.