Kelz Has Been Hanging Out With Reality TV Royalty Since 'Too Hot To Handle'

by Alice Broster
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Spoilers ahead for Too Hot to Handle. Netflix’s new dating show Too Hot To Handle has turned out to be exactly what reality TV fans everywhere needed in lockdown. Luckily filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic, the show brought together 14 super hot singles to a beautiful villa with the prospect of winning $100,000. Filming for Too Hot To Handle rapped last year and fans have been curious as to what the cast have been up to since. So, what's Kelz from Too Hot To Handle doing now? He’s solidified himself as a fan favourite and the one keeping his cast mates in line. And he’s been rubbing shoulders with the elites of UK reality TV since.

The premise of Too Hot To Handle is simple enough — contestants have the opportunity to walk away with $100,000. All they have to do it keep their hands off one another. That means no kissing and definitely no sexual activity.

Six-foot-six Kelz Dyke showed some serious willpower during his time in the Too Hot To Handle villa. In fact, he actually deemed himself the villa "accountant," meaning he was keeping an eye on the group's spending habits.

Unfortunately, Dyke didn't find a love match on the show and after filming ended, he returned to London. However, it would seem there’s no reason for him to fret. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, he was partying with reality TV royalty.

Dyke’s instagram has shown him at a Boohoo Man event over the last couple of months with Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill and footballer Dele Alli. He posted a picture with friends with the caption, “different year, same routine. We just levelled up a bit, different league” and before lockdown he shared a picture of himself with the caption, “I don't give a ... if they love me. #stayhome”

According to the Evening Standard Dyke moved to the UK from Austria when he was 13 and to say he entered the Too Hot To Handle villa with confidence is an understatement. He described himself as an "alpha-male who is used to getting what he wants." Before entering the show Dyke was working as a senior recruitment consultant, and it seems he has returned to that role after his short stint as the Too Hot To Handle accountant.

Alongside work, Dyke has returned to the London Warriors, the British American football team he plays for. They're based in South London and according to their Instagram the London Warriors are six time national champions.

Since the show has aired, Dyke has been interacting with fans across social media and he celebrated the launch of the show by quoting himself, “I’m Kelz and I’m King of the jungle.” You don’t want to miss any of the action in Too Hot To Handle. With love triangles, bending the rules, and serious money to be won, it’s exactly what you need in lockdown.

You can watch Too Hot To Handle on Netflix now.

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