Aida Is Building A Body On 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' & The Motivation Behind The Framework Is Finally Clear

Jennifer Clasen/ABC

Who do you think is going to be the person who ends up having to tell Fitz that he was the head of Hydra in the Framework? Simmons? I'm certainly not looking forward to it. If the Framework really is just about building Aida a body on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. then why drag everyone else into this misery?

May and Daisy, fresh off a terrigenesis-enhanced prison break, get right down to business in the April 25 episode and knock Aida's avatar "Ophelia" out of a high window. Nobody within the Framework seemed particularly concerned about her. They bring her to a bed, still covered in bruises, and seem convinced that she will wake up soon.

Sure enough, instead of dying Aida wakes back up in the real world with all of the Framework captives and Anton Ivanov, the Coulson-hating Cyborg left guarding the place. They need to regroup their plan. That involves sending Ivanov on a mission to find Daisy and Simmons. Aida also reveals that she and Ivanov have something in their programming that prevents them from killing. Hence the need for Project Looking Glass.

Jennifer Clasen/ABC

The Project, which Hydra Doctor Fitz is working on in the Framework too, is a machine that will allow someone like Aida to assume their "true form.' That true form can kill, and is essentially a living thing.

This episode has several other gems, including a hint as to where Fitz's father is in the real world, a certain furniture shopping trip, and a promising moment between Coulson and May — who could be on the brink of recovering their memories. It's hard to say whether escape or enlightenment will come first for the team. In a way it doesn't matter, it's just nice to see that some things are stronger than programming and patterns repeat in different universes. Aida may be building herself a body, but she doesn't understand what it means to be human just yet.