Aldi Is Launching A Free Wine Course So You Can Get Savvy About Your Sauvy B

Man hand pouring white wine from the bottle into glasses with friends sitting around the table. Grou...

Does ordering wine for a table of people make you break out in hives? Well you guys, whatever your level or expertise when it comes to boozy grape juice, there's no such thing as too much knowledge. And if you're fond of a drop and keen to learn more, Aldi is launching a free wine course that will take you from corner shop connoisseur to fancy restaurant sommelier in no time.

The cleverly named "Aldi-ploma" is entirely free, made up of six parts, and done via video and online modules. These will feature Aldi's wine expert and "Mistress of Wine" Sam Caporn.

Caporn is one of only 382 masters of wine in the world, according to her website, and, as she puts it herself, "it's fair to say [she knows] my Merlot from my Malbec." Well, thank god for that guys.

So, who should sign up for this course? Well, according to research done by Aldi, a fair few of us could use the help. In fact, 62% of British folk admit they find it easier to plan a holiday than pick the right flipping bottle of wine. If that's not shocking enough, a stonking 57% claim they find buying a bottle of wine daunting. Goodness gracious me, you'd need a glass of wine after that. Or several.


The aim of the course is to cut through the challenging language, names, and jargon in the wine world and to understand the vast differences between your Cabernet Sauvignon, your Sauvignon Blanc, your dessert wine, and your sparkling one.

The course is available to download for free now and it's also possible to buy cases of the wines discussed in each module so you can sample the goods IRL. (And guys, because it's at home, you totally don't have to do the spitting in the bucket thing.)

OMG this sounds like a perfect little weekly get together for you and your pals, doesn't it? Start a Whatsapp group immediately.

Find out more about how you can take part in the Aldi-ploma here.