6 Drink Advent Calendars For 2019


Christmas is truly a time for giving and sharing, and the only thing more fun to toast with than normal alcohol is, of course, teensy alcohols that come in a box. Add some booze and spirits to your Christmas countdown with any of these six drink advent calendars for 2019. They're the perfect addition to your holiday season no matter what your beverage of choice — from hard seltzer to wine to even an entire calendar of rum.

I know what you're thinking: Why would anyone ever put alcohol in an advent calendar? To that, I say — why not? We have cheese advent calendars. We have advent calendars for cats from Trader Joe's. We've even got a marshmallow advent calendar, because nothing is off-limits anymore, apparently. It was only a matter of time before someone came along and said, "24 days of alcohol? Brilliant!" And they were right.

There are all kinds of drink advent calendars, too. Whether you love nothing more than cracking open a cold beer or you'd rather sip a glass of fine white wine, there's an alcohol advent calendar out there for you. Here are just six to get you started. Bottoms up! (Friendly reminder: Please drink responsibly.)