This Is How Much Money You Can Save With Aldi's Bargain £39 Pizza Oven


Is pizza the food of love? Probably not, but it truly is the food that everybody loves. To the extent that if someone doesn't like pizza, it is 100 percent fair to be innately suspicious of them and/or swipe left if they mention it on their Tinder profile. Quick, hot, cheesy, and of course — an actual edible all in one dish. What more could you want? Well, maybe not having to spend approximately a tenner a go. So news that Aldi is selling pizza ovens means you might be about to save a fortune as well as being the most popular person in town.

So, the ovens cost an unbelievably low £39.99 and are not only cheap as chips but super cool and compact, because they are designed to sit on top of a barbecue. Did someone say all season barbecuing? Yep, it was me, let's do this. I guess you are probably concerned about your barbecue and its specifications. Stop your worrying because this little number promises to work on charcoal, gas, and even masonry barbecues. The oven is made with stainless steel and ceramic materials and claims to get a pizza ready in a mere ten minutes. So you could have four pizzas cooked by the time a lousy delivery pizza arrives. Also, you then get to eat four pizzas. Or share or whatever.

The gang over at Aldi spoke about the exciting sure-to-sell-out-oven saying it is "a sure fire way to keep everyone happy." Not sure that a single-use item is what you need in your already full house? I mean, what would Marie Kondo say? Who cares, ignore her RN because you can actually also use it to sear meat and fish, and also to make flatbreads and cookies. It comes ready for action, zero assembly required, and guys it even has a temperature gauge for precision cooking.

According to research from Voucher Codes in 2018, an average person living in Britain will scoff a pretty hefty 731 pizzas in their lifetime. That is a redonk 5,847 slices of cheesy goodness. It also found that a pretty wild £9,725 is spent by an average pizza lover during their lifetime. Researcher Anita Naik, who sussed out the figures for Voucher Codes said that on their site, the most popular vouchers are for take away pizza.

"With so many different toppings and bases to choose from, it’s no wonder us Brits gobble up so many pizzas. With the average pizza-lover splurging almost £10k in their lifetime on takeaway pizzas alone, it can be an expensive treat. Pizza discounts are one of our most popular offers, so if you’ve got a craving for a cheesy takeaway make sure you grab one of our codes first and so you can munch that pizza and get a great saving at the same time!"

OK so people want to save money, that is nothing new, but think how much more you could save if instead of springing for a take away pizza — you just flipping made it. So basically, keep your voucher codes, I am getting an effing pizza oven.

Buy online or in store from Thursday April 4