Aldi's First Vegan Skincare Range Will Keep You Fully Stocked Up With Sheet Masks

Aldi's Lacura has launched its first vegan skincare range

Already known for its affordability, Aldi has truly outdone itself with its first vegan skincare range. With prices starting from just £1.99 (and the most expensive item setting you back only £5.99), the vegan Lacura range boasts nine naturally-derived products.

In fact, there's enough in it to give your skincare regime a full refresh. In the morning, slather on the nourishing day cream and eye cream, and don't forget to pack your bag with the convenient hand and nail formula. Come evening time, use the face wash and a soothing sheet mask to calm skin for the days ahead. And once a week, indulge in the face scrub for a spot of gentle exfoliation.

Aldi's range features a few hero ingredients. Shea butter hydrates and heals skin, per Healthline, while sweet almond oil soothes any irritation, reports Byrdie. Coconut oil is also heavily included; it has the ability to repair and restore skin, as Elle notes. Although this oil is ideal for dry skin types, per Get The Gloss, it can block pores so should be avoided by people with acne-prone skin. (Aldi states its products are ideal for all skin types.)

As well as being 100% vegan, the new Lacura collection has also received cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certification, meaning zero products have been tested on animals. Here's everything you can buy from it, both online and in-store. Happy Veganuary.