Alec Baldwin's Latest 'SNL' Trump Impression Just Added Even More Fuel To The Fire

President Trump has made no secret of the fact that he despises the way that he's been repeatedly lampooned on TV shows like SNL, and Saturday night's show only added fuel to the fire. Actor Alec Baldwin parodied Trump on SNL again, and as usual, it was not a flattering impression of the Oval Office's current occupant.

Baldwin appeared in SNL's cold open segment, which portrayed a presidential listening session on gun violence similar to several of the meetings that he's had since the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

This one had him flanked by Cecily Strong as Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Beck Bennett as Vice President Mike Pence, and it had a lot of material to cover. Baldwin started by taking aim at the news from over a week ago that Trump had brought a set of notes with him to a listening session he held with the Stoneman Douglas students, which included an instruction to say, "I hear you."

"I want to assure [the students] once again that, I hear you, and I care," Baldwin's Trump said, reading off of a card. "Rent Lego Ninjago movie — sorry, Eric scribbled some notes on there too. But it's clear, something has to change."

"We have to respect the law, believe me, no one loves the Second Amendment and due process more than me," Baldwin's Trump went on. "But maybe, we just take everyone's guns away."

This inflammatory comment echoed a statement that Trump made in real life, about taking the guns first and then going through the courts. Cecily Strong's Feinstein got very excited about this proposal in the SNL sketch, but Bennett's Pence decidedly did not — which, again, echoed the real life reactions to the comment.

"Don't worry, Mike, I met with the NRA, they gave me 30 million good reasons not to change a thing, so, cha-ching, it's all good," the SNL Trump said, before reaching out to put his hand over Pence's. "We're still friends, right? We're still friends, Mike? Look at him, he's so uncomfortable, he hates this. He's worried this is a gateway touch."

Baldwin's Trump then riffed on the real Trump's comments about how he would have run into the school even without a gun. "I'm actually a very fast runner. People don't know that about me," Baldwin said. "If I have to make America's schools safe all by myself, I will," he said later. "Just like how I'm running the White House all by myself, because these people who work for me keep resigning," he said, transitioning into a discussion of communications director Hope Hicks' recent resignation announcement.

“I hate seeing her go, but I love seeing her walk away,” SNL's Trump said about Hicks' resignation. "I mean Jared Kushner's basically the hottest chick left in the place! And he's probably going to jail soon, so he's out."

He then moved into a discussion of "healing this great country of ours," saying that multiple other countries were "beating us" — another comment that reflected real life, this time from the president's comments about trade wars on Twitter. On SNL, he said "I mean they're all beating us. China, Japan, Wakanda — okay, Wakanda is laughing at us, right? They've got flying cars, people in Wakanda."

"I said I was going to run this country like a business," Baldwin's Trump said, summing up the chaotic week of news. "That business is a Waffle House at 2AM."

And as if that wasn't enough, the segment ended with Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions making an appearance to assure Trump that he wouldn't resign like anyone else, even though Trump had been insulting him. "I'm like skunk stink on a birddog, sir," McKinnon said as Sessions. "I linger."