Alex's Fate Is Finally Decided On 'Grey's'

Richard Cartwright/ABC

If I were a resident or a fellow or, hell, a candy stripper at Grey Sloan, formerly Seattle Grace Mercy Death (as Cristina once put it), I would high-tail it out of there before the Grim Reapers of the Northwest could come and get me. No one has any good luck on Grey’s Anatomy, namely Alex Karev. He went through that whole thing with Rebecca/Jane Doe/The mom from Twilight; he gave George (indirectly) chlamydia; he lost and won back and lost Izzie; and he beat the heck out of Deluca because he thought Deluca was hurting Jo. Well, speaking of that last incident, Alex Karev is going to jail on Grey’s Anatomy, and there’s nothing Jo can do to stop it.

The worst part about all of this is that had Jo told the truth in the first place instead of clamming up like every other mercilessly stupid television character, all of this could have been avoided. Alex beat up Deluca because he thought Deluca was attacking Jo, but really Deluca was helping Jo into bed because she got way too drunk about turning down Alex’s proposal and told Deluca that she couldn’t marry Alex because she was still married to an abusive man and she couldn’t let him know where she was. In fact, her name is not even Jo. She kept this all a secret during the hearings and arrests and all that, and finally, right before Alex is about to start trial, she rolled it all out. Alex, being the martyr that he is, decided that he would just take a plea deal instead of having to have Jo testify against him, which would bring out her identity and possibly lead to her ex finding her.

Byron Cohen/ABC

So Alex went to the district attorney right around the time that Jo headed to a prison (not the one that Alex is going to) to help a young inmate give birth. How all of the other doctors with her couldn’t tip her off to this news I have no idea, but on the way home, the beans were spilled and Jo promptly puked on the side of the road. Alex is going to jail because of Jo twice over — once because she didn’t tell her secret to him, and once because she did. This is why we can’t have nice things. I feel for Jo because of her abusive path, and I don't blame her — I just want everyone to be happy though, you know?

Anyway, what can happen now? I doubt Deluca will drop the charges (or the DA wouldn’t, either), so Alex heads to jail, loses his license, and Jo is… I don’t know what Jo is. I have to think that she’ll try and save him, but it’s probably too late for this Grey's Anatomy couple.