Alex Is Up For Eviction After A 'Big Brother' Shakeup

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother warns houseguests to "expect the unexpected", but not even the producers could've predicted what went down during the very first week of Season 19. After the live feeds started airing after the premiere, feed viewers noticed a distinct difference between where the broadcast show left off. At the nomination ceremony, Cody nominated Jillian and Megan. On the feeds, all the houseguests are talking about Alex being on the block. There hasn't been a Power of Veto competition or ceremony yet, so how could one of the nominees be replaced? Why is Alex up for eviction, and what twist could've caused this?

As it turns out, Alex's eviction had nothing to do with a Big Brother twist. While Big Brother is usually in control of every surprise that happens inside the house, everyone was shocked to discover that one of the week's nominees had asked to self-evict. This eviction threw a major wrench in a lot of people's plans, but the person who suffers the most may be Alex. The self-evictor didn't just leave the house, they also left a vacancy on the nomination couch that needed to be filled. While Alex may have started the week safe, Cody's decision to nominate her to fill the vacant slot threw her for a loop.

As it turns out, the stress of the Big Brother house was too much for Megan Lowder. The dog walker and former navy interrogator decided that she didn't want to follow through on spending a summer in the Big Brother house and evicted before the first elimination could happen. Instead of allowing her self-eviction to count as the week's elimination, Big Brother adjusted by letting Cody put up a brand new nominee – Alex. This means by the end of the first week of Big Brother 19, three houseguests will have gone home.

Unfortunately for Alex, it looks like Cody and Jessica are actively interested in taking her out. It doesn't help that during the first competition, Alex told Cody that he can "eat s---". To make matters even worse, it seems that Alex has been openly talking about taking down Cody and his showmance partner, Jessica. Despite being a strong competitive player, it looks like Alex has accidentally dug her own grave. There's still a chance that Alex could win the PoV and earn another week of safety in the house. Even then, however, the fallout of Megan dropping out of the game allowing her to get nominated in the first place could have a major effect on the rest of her summer.

Just as Megan's departure was sudden an unexpected, a million different things could happen between now and eviction night that could guarantee Alex's safety. There's the obvious Power of Veto victory, but there's also a million other things could keep her in the house. Someone else could reveal themselves to be a bigger threat in the house than her and go home instead. Jillian could prove to be a target worth getting rid of. Megan might return somehow. The rest of the cast could self-evict, leaving her as the de facto winner! The first week of Big Brother Season 19 has proved, more than any other first week in BB history, that they take their motto of "expect the unexpected" very seriously.