Alex Wants To Play The Long Game On 'BB19'


The cast of CBS' Big Brother was announced on Monday, and it is full of new faces. None of the houseguests selected for this season have competed in the past and anything could happen. That's why the house shouldn't underestimate Big Brother 19's Alex Ow, an "eco-friendly marketing rep," who could use her friendly demeanor to her advantage. The 28-year-old is from Camarillo, California, and thinks that the rest of the cast is likely to overlook her and mistake her kindness as a weakness. She's planning to lay low for most of the season, and then build alliances once the rest of the stronger players have been sent home.

Ow believes that her unassuming presence is the key to her Big Brother success. "I believe standing at my fun-sized five foot nothing height I might look like an easy target," she said in CBS' press release. "I anticipate that people in the house will overlook me and confuse my kindness for weakness. I play for the long end game and that’s to win."

Ow plans to eventually show her true colors, but still act like a weakling to get by unnoticed. Her idea is not to show too much strength right away, but enough that fellow housemates keep her in their alliances.

The marketing rep is likely to take cues from her favorite past contestant. According to CBS' press release, she's a huge fan of Nicole Franzel from Seasons 16 and from Season 18, which she won. Franzel is a fan favorite, and even though she was relatable to viewers, she proved shady to the other houseguests and broke alliances. Ow looks up to her commitment to winning, even if it was through deception. "She reminds me of myself," Ow told CBS. "We look all cute and cuddly but we’re here for one thing, to win Big Brother."

When not plotting her win on the show, Ow has a lot of hobbies. She likes knitting, crocheting, hanging out with friends and fam, and baking. She also likes to hike and go to the gym, but it's lazy pastimes that are her fave. When she's in the house, giving up Netflix is going to be her biggest challenge. "I listen to Netflix at work and I watch like five straight hours of TV after dinner until I fall asleep," she said. It sounds like it will be a big change for Ow to be on television instead of watching it.

It's going to take the right personality to form bonds with the other houseguests without drawing too much attention. Ow describes herself as enjoying the center of attention, but she'll have to put that trait aside for her plan to work. Instead she can focus on two of her other traits, which are being "hyper" and "adorable." She also noted that she intends to bring candy leis or another gift on the first day. By charming her fellow contestants with presents and her down-to-earth attitude, she could just make it to the final three.

If she could bring anything into the house, she would bring some pictures of her family (her sister is practically her twin) and some hot sauce because she puts it on all her food. Perhaps these will pop up in her Head of Household basket if she ever wins. Some of her other unique traits are that she is a self-taught crafter and a bit of a nerd when it comes to video games, beating Diablo II on Nightmare mode. Perhaps she'll get along with fellow geek Ramses Soto, who also enjoys sewing and cosplays often. Ow also said she has beginners luck at casino slots and craps, but who knows if that will translate into the reality television world.

It's an entirely new game for CBS' Big Brother 19, so it's probably best not to overlook any of the houseguests. Ow's motto is to live life to the fullest, and she's made her commitment to winning clear. She's planning to dedicate herself to the game and is going to employ strategic deceit, so don't place any bets against her just yet.